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Curious-what accent will dd have?

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Hayls Tue 26-Apr-05 16:50:48

Ok, it really DOESN'T matter but I'm curious...

Dh and I are both Scottish, although we don't have very broad accents (west coast-me/Glasgow-dh). She goes to nursery 2 days a week. We live in South West England and plan to bring dd up here- will she have Scottish/English or mixed accent?

She's only 15 months but I'm already listening carefully to her words!

beachyhead Tue 26-Apr-05 16:55:15

she will be pure sw yokel.......

colditz Tue 26-Apr-05 16:56:16

Depends on what age you mean.

I reckon she will have the accent of the people she talks with most, so you might see a change when she goes to school

I went to school with a non-local accent, it was gone within 3 years. I still got picked on for being "posh" though (shropshire accent, ffs!)

Hayls Tue 26-Apr-05 16:57:41

Lol, Beachyhead. Don't actually mind sw accent!

Clayhead Tue 26-Apr-05 16:59:35

There's a 4 year old at dd's pre-school whose parents are southern (we are in the North). Her mum thinks the little girl has a real Northern accent, all we hear is a Southern accent (all her vowel sounds are long ones) so I guess she's a mixture! Her mum did say that they had noticed her accent changed since she had started pre-school.

Sponge Tue 26-Apr-05 17:02:06

She'll probably be southern but she'll be able to trun on the scottish if she needs it.

Fio2 Tue 26-Apr-05 17:03:36

we live in kent and both come from the south staffs/west mids and our son has started talking ';southern' but can still do brummie style aswell

Ameriscot2005 Tue 26-Apr-05 17:04:04

My kids all have different accents:

13yo - American
11yo - RP
8yo - very twangy American
5yo - Surrey (yuk)
3yo - same as me - lilting Scottish/American/RP mix

logic Tue 26-Apr-05 17:04:42

I'm welsh and dh is from SE England where we live and I've already noticed that ds says some words like dh, some very BBC (cbeebies - oops!) and some with a beautifully broad welsh accent. It's very funny.

Gobbledigook Tue 26-Apr-05 17:13:55

My ex-boyfriend's parents were both Scottish and had Scottish accents but he and his brothers had Mancunian accents as this is where they lived.

Gobbledigook Tue 26-Apr-05 17:14:57

And, I'm from Manchester, dh is from London and we live in Manchester - ds's have Manchester accents - no southern in them at all

hana Tue 26-Apr-05 17:17:58

am Cdn and dh is from manchester - our dd sadly has neither accent - she has the local twang! this was from the beginning despite me being at home with her, She's 3 now

suedonim Tue 26-Apr-05 17:26:41

Dh and I are English but we have lived mainly in Scotland for 25yrs and three of our four were born here. Yet none of them has a Scots accent!

Pinotmum Tue 26-Apr-05 17:27:32

She will get her accent from her peers. Both my parents are Irish but I have a London accent because that's where I went to school. My friend's child had a Scottish accent until she went to shool in London and lost it. My dh is scottish but my 2 speak haven't picked it up.

purpleturtle Tue 26-Apr-05 17:31:14

We live in Sheffield, although I'm from Birmingham originally, and dh grew up in Glasgow. When dd started nursery she came home one day with the gem, "X's mummy isn't called mummy, she's called muhmeh"! Like it's a different language

bonym Tue 26-Apr-05 17:47:42

My brother went to school with a boy whose parents have Scottish accents (we live in South Wales) and as a child he and his younger brother had quite strong Scottish accents (still do).

I'm from the South East originally ( my accent was thought of as "posh" when we moved to Wales when I was 13) and my dd1 has a quite neutral accent but since I've been with dh (her step-dad ) I've noticed her saying some words the way he does (he's from Leeds) such as "says" instead of 'sez". She was 4 when I met him and is now 7. Sometimes though she sounds quite "Cardiff".

AngelCakeUmm Tue 26-Apr-05 17:48:13

My dp is from the midlands and i am from the south-east, my son is 2.7 and he speaks the same as me.....but we do still live in the south-east.
For instances we say BUS and dp says BUZZ.

My dad was from scotland and my mum was from london and i speak southern, but again this is where i was brought up.

Does that make any sense......feel like i am just rambling now

FIMAC1 Tue 26-Apr-05 17:51:40

My friends are from Dundee and dd (9 yrs and 10 months) she was born in the SW and lives there and sounds like a local! The odd sentences sounds 'slightly scottish' but only to someone who knows the parents.....

SofiaAmes Wed 27-Apr-05 15:09:07

My dh is english from the NE. I am American, the children's childminder is Irish and we live in West London. My ds (4.5) has a decidedly london accent with just a twinge of irish (a few words). Dd (2.5) has london with a twinge of american (spends more time with me than ds did at that age).

I grew up in California. My mother has a thick Italian accent and my father has a slight new york accent. I have a californian accent with an occasional twinge of new york.

Your accent for the most part comes from the area you grow up in.

But the funny part is that you don't hear your parents' accents. I had an italian lecturer at university and at the end of every class everyone had to copy my notes as I was the only one who could understand him and I didn't even realize he had an accent because it sounded just like my mother's.

ggglimpopo Wed 27-Apr-05 15:10:16

Message withdrawn

Iklboo Wed 27-Apr-05 15:10:50

My 2 friends were both born & bred in England to parents from Scotland. Out with us they speak in broad local accent, but when they chat to their folks it's more tinged with Scottish.

expatinscotland Wed 27-Apr-05 15:12:12

I'm American and DH is Scots with broad East Coast accent. He's a SAHD. DD already has a clear Scottish accent. The way she says 'ball' always makes me giggle.

SofiaAmes Wed 27-Apr-05 15:17:40

Been in the usa boning up on my accent!

Prettybird Wed 27-Apr-05 15:25:38

my dh is Glaswegian, my own accent is posh Scots (bit of a mixutre), we live in Glasgow,but ds (4.5), who goes to a local nursery and a local child minder has what his aunt calls a Chinese accent. It very definitely isn't Scottish! ??!

Talking of parents' accents, apparently my dad still has a very obviols South African accent which for the life of me I can't here. yet I can spot other South African accents, even faint ones, almost immediately. My mum has lost her SOuth African accent and now sounds like me (or is that I sound like her?!)

marialuisa Wed 27-Apr-05 15:48:17

DD uses South Wales phrasing, pronounces certain things in broad scouse "mare-maid" instead of "mermaid" but generally sounds quite RP (me and DH).We expect a few East Midlands sounds to creep in over the next few months...

Poor child is only 4 and already has "multiple accent disorder", she does know she's Welsh though

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