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Any Americans Please help me!!!!!!!!!

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dyzzidi Tue 26-Apr-05 15:18:30

I am getting married in Las Vegas and I would love to arrange an American Truck to take me and my dad to the service.

My dad is a UK trucker and has been very ill tfor about a year. I know he loves the American style trucks and would love to surprise him on the day.

I would need a truck with a driver for about a half hour on Wed 7 Sept.

If any of you can recommend any websites for me to look at I would really appreciate it as I am having no luck at the moment.

Ameriscot2005 Tue 26-Apr-05 15:43:39

I've sent your message to a cyberfriend in LV. I will let you know if he replies, but with the time change, it won't be until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

dyzzidi Tue 26-Apr-05 15:54:24

Brilliant I would really appreciate it. i am going to keep it a complete surprise from him and he will be so pleased.


Ameriscot2005 Wed 27-Apr-05 07:21:33

Response: Y'mean like a Kenworth or a Mack truck?

dyzzidi Wed 27-Apr-05 08:36:48

I don't actually know which exact type of truck just a big shiny one

I just wanted a little treat just for my Dad he has been so poorly this year and a few years ago he travelled America seeing truck shows and always talks about it.

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