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Anyone Run A Mother & Toddler Group?

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Fimbo Tue 26-Apr-05 14:05:08

5 of my friends and I are currently in the process of taking over the running of our local M & T group. At the moment the tea/coffee is done on a volunteer basis - but despite our best efforts we cannot get anyone willing to help out, which in turn means that we as the committee are left to do it. Thus, between setting everything out, doing teas/coffees our children are left to their own devices which at 16 months is not always a good idea! Anyone any thoughts?

vwvic Tue 26-Apr-05 14:11:22

I help to run one. Every so often (once a term or so)we have to give advance warning that next week there will be o toast/tea/coffee if we don't have a volunteer to help. It sounds dreadful, and I hate having to do it, but it does mean that the rota gets filled up so fast it's unbelievable. We also have get in free tokens that we give to people who have helped to do coffees or to set up and put away. HTH!

Fimbo Tue 26-Apr-05 14:15:28

Thanks for that. We tried sticking the list under peoples noses today - the best excuse was this - "Sorry I only bring my grandchild here and I don't come every week - I will ring my daughter and discuss it with her and get her to ring one of you" So I checked back the register - she has never missed a Tuesday in months!! Will try the get in free token, or stopping it all together - that should make them sign up in their droves!!

donnie Tue 26-Apr-05 14:18:50

oh dear, this is a subject close to home....I was on the committee of a M&T group for a while and we were always aghast at how few people volunteered to help out and were quite happy to let the same people to the tea/coffee every week, plus run the arts, singing and do all the putting away.In the end we resorted to physically going up to people with a rota and asking them kidly but firmly to sign up but still many would not commit. In the end I resigned as my own dd never got to spend any time with me at all there ! unfortunately many people are selfish so I wish you luck with this. You may find quite bossy tactics are required!

donnie Tue 26-Apr-05 14:21:32

also, don't fall for the ' I am a childminder/nanny/au pair so can't do it as I am paid to look after xxx' excuse as many people will use it to get out of helping.I really did get fed up with being lumbered with the duties every single week!the voucher/token idea might help - but isn't it a shame that people won't help out unless there is a personal incentive?

Fimbo Tue 26-Apr-05 14:25:05

Oh dear Donnie, I feel like you do about not spending enough time with ds. My friends children and my ds are the youngest kids there and probably at the moment need the most supervision - there are a lot of older kids whose parents sit chatting all the time when they could be taking their turn.

Fimbo Tue 26-Apr-05 14:28:20

Overheard another conversation today - a mother complaining that all the trips out were on a Friday instead of a Tuesday. (she comes both days). That really annoyed me as the trips to soft play centres etc are all free.

moschops Tue 26-Apr-05 14:31:19

have you thought of getting in touch with your local WI group and seeing if they could help?

might not be a viable idea but thought it was worth suggesting............

Fimbo Tue 26-Apr-05 14:33:39

Yes Moschops, we are going to try that too. There are "elderly" helpers at the HV's group so we are going to try to "poach" some!!! Just can't understand some mother's attitudes tho.

lunavix Tue 26-Apr-05 14:41:08

At our one the people running it have pointed out they are employed to play and entertain the children, not run around after the mums, so tea and coffee is on a 'make it for yourself' basis.

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 26-Apr-05 22:08:05

I run a mother and toddler group, there are two of us, we make the drinks, juice toast oursleves. Always seemed easier that way.

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 26-Apr-05 22:13:19

The lady that runs our M&T group has her mum there to help her do the tea, coffee and toast. When I get there in the morning there are other regular mums helping to put the toys out.

After the tea and coffee is out, she goes round to collect the money.

It doesn't hurt to help out.

Judd Tue 26-Apr-05 22:31:45

If you made enough money from subs, could you employ somebody to make the drinks and tidy up? At another church they pay somebody £5 a session to do this.
I help run one at the church I go to....and am fed up to the back teeth with it. In fact, I've got DS on the waiting list for a place at tumbletots which is on right in the middle of the group so that I can no longer go.

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