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Am so chuffed, found the world's most comfortable knickers....

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Nik72 Tue 26-Apr-05 10:25:37

Sloggi shorts! Threw out my grotty old pants and replaced them. Ooooh, so comfy! Am in bottom heaven.

eidsvold Tue 26-Apr-05 12:00:57

i love bonds hipsters (comfy with funky colours and patterns).. have eyed off the sloggi in the store and wondered how good they would be

NomDePlume Tue 26-Apr-05 12:04:19

I got some gorgeous shorts type ones from M&S recently, obscenely comfy.

I've always been a bit suspicious of shorts-type pants in the past because they have a seam running right up the middle (like the left side and the right side have been sewn together, rather than the front and the back which would give a seam up the sides instead) which looks like it would be mighty uncomfy, IYSWIM ?

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