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Wish me luck for tomorrow

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JoolsToo Mon 25-Apr-05 22:07:46

I'm having my hair cut!

All the hairdressers (well, nearly all) I've ever been to appear to be afflicted with bad wax in the ears cos I never get what I ask for. I'd rather go to the dentist (or for a colonic )

New area, new hairdresser. Oh well its Coniston so at least the scenery will be nice

Evesmama Mon 25-Apr-05 22:08:11

happy haircut

ionesmum Mon 25-Apr-05 22:13:06

Know the feeling. Have fun!

Libb Mon 25-Apr-05 22:14:03

Oh gawd, I have this trouble too - you have my sympathies and best wishes.

May the force be with you xxx

(ooh, Coniston, lovely . . . )

roisin Tue 26-Apr-05 19:37:03

How did it go JT?

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