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I had a horrible dream last night.

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jampots Mon 25-Apr-05 10:29:27

I dreamed my ds was just crossing a road and I was waiting on the other side in my car, there was a chap by my ds who was behaving rather strangely so I leapt out of hte car and called for ds to come to me quickly but he wouldnt. He just kept on walking then running towards a school (not his) I ran after him and followed him through the gates but then lost him in the corridors - by this time I was frantic and sobbing and calling his name over and over. I went into the classrooms and asked if anyone had seen him (but of course they didnt know him) and went into an office where there was a teenager sitting on the bed (!) looking suspicious. I asked him if he'd seen my boy and he pointed to some shelves where ds was hiding (perfectly ok though). I dragged him down off the shelves and then woke up - extremely upset.

Think this is one for Coppertop!

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