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*shock horror* GOOD service from GP this morning!

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starlover Mon 25-Apr-05 09:49:32

am rather amazed. If you;'ve read any of my threads on breast feeding then you;ll know I have had endless probs.
The thrush has re-occured with a vengeance, so after an agonising weekend I just called the surgery.
The receptionist said that there were no appointments til tomorrow, and I said I really needed to see someone as I need a prescription for some tablets, and stuff for DS.
So she said that I don't need to see GP, she will get triage nurse to ring me.
Nurse rang about 10 mins later and said she'll sort out a prescription for me I can pick it up this afternoon!

I am quite chuffed with the good service, and the fact that I don't have to hang around waiting for an appointment with the dr!
However, wouldn't it be nice if they told you that this triage service was available for stuff like this so that people didn't just come to see the dr and waste time?

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