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Book explaining death to children

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Nutjob Thu 17-Apr-03 17:34:42

I was hoping someone could help me out. I remember reading on Mumsnet a while back about a book which kind of explains death to children which was really good...Dragonflies or something? I have tried to do a search but I am useless at that sort of thing and came up with nothing. Can anyone remember what it is called? Or recommend any other books? My poor nephew lost his Grandma earlier in the year and he is still having a hard time over it, thought getting him a book like this might help. Thanks.

Tinker Thu 17-Apr-03 17:51:22

Nutjob- Badger's Parting Gifts is a good one, don't know how old your nephew is so may be a little young. But if you search for it on Amazon it suggests further books for kids about dealing with death.

Lara2 Thu 17-Apr-03 19:16:10

I'll Always Love You by Wilhelm ? (sorry) is another good one. About a boy who's dog dies and everyone tries to get him to replace it.

Nutjob Thu 17-Apr-03 20:36:42

Thanks, I will pass these on to my sister.

soyabean Thu 17-Apr-03 20:43:07

I was just going to start a thread on this very subject when I spotted this...Does anyone have any suggestions suitable for a 7/8 yr old?My dd seemed Ok about my stepfather's death last month, but now a very dear elderly neighbour is extremely unwell and she is getting very upset about both. Any recommendations wd be very helpful. Thanks

butterflymum Thu 17-Apr-03 20:57:09

I would recommend Badger's Parting Gift as well. Excellent book. I used it with my 3yr old and 5yr old when thir Papa died last year. It was passed on to me by a friend whose mum had died and she used it with her 5yr old.

Enchanted Thu 17-Apr-03 21:02:45

Barefoot Books has an excellent range of books for children, they have real integrity!
I remember seeing one about death and thinking I must get that should the need arise. I don't have an address for them but they may have a website. Or you could always post a message on Mumsnet for help contacting them. It's a book catalogue every family should have.

willow2 Thu 17-Apr-03 22:50:06

There is a book by Babette Cole - sorry, can't remember the name - on this topic that might be suitable. Can't recommend it as such, bought it by mistake for ds when he was 2, got a couple of pages in and thought, "Oops, this isn't as funny as her book, Tarzanna".

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