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How can I search for details of a court case?

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Blossomhill Sun 24-Apr-05 09:59:03

I have found out that someone I know of has been sentenced to a long time in prison. How do I search details of the court case? Is there a website that does it? Thanks

Blossomhill Sun 24-Apr-05 10:10:00


Hulababy Sun 24-Apr-05 10:10:51

Don't think so - just try googling with name and local town or whatever. It may have been in the local press.

LGJ Sun 24-Apr-05 10:11:49

Have you googled, if it was covered by the local rag,you may get some information

jampots Sun 24-Apr-05 10:12:17

not sure if you can obtaina transcript of the hearing from the Court records office. Worth a try!

LGJ Sun 24-Apr-05 10:12:17



Hulababy Sun 24-Apr-05 10:23:03

If he is away for a long time, then I suspect it will be in at least local press - so should be online somewhere.

Blossomhill Sun 24-Apr-05 10:26:56

I have put name in but not 100% sure of the area they live in.

jampots Sun 24-Apr-05 10:28:07

what about the area he was tried in (not necessarily home town)

Hulababy Sun 24-Apr-05 10:29:18

Try local area or county. Also, add words such as court case, or possible crime, or key words: sentence, court, criminal, etc...

LGJ Sun 24-Apr-05 10:37:26

Anyone else intrigued ??

jampots Sun 24-Apr-05 10:38:19


Hulababy Sun 24-Apr-05 10:38:21

LOL! Just wondering if close enough to here, for him to come to prison I am at.

LIZS Sun 24-Apr-05 11:08:10

Do you know which County Court heard the case ?

KBear Sun 24-Apr-05 20:55:13

try this:


hope this works - never tried a link before!

KBear Sun 24-Apr-05 20:55:37

oh well....

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