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Renault Scenic

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arizona Sat 23-Apr-05 21:01:07

Thinking of buying a new Scenic.Seems to have lots of electric gadgets. Any advice or problems experienced from current owners?

arizona Sat 23-Apr-05 22:45:25


Yorkiegirl Sat 23-Apr-05 22:48:37

Message withdrawn

LIZS Sun 24-Apr-05 07:09:34

We hired one for a weekend and were actually put off by the electronic starting devices and gadgets although I suppose you could get used to it. We currently have a 4 year old 4*4 Scenic and had intended to buy the newer one as our next car up until that point. Also rear visibility seemed quite restricted.

Seona1973 Sun 24-Apr-05 13:30:06

I like the Scenic and you soon get used to there not being a proper handbrake. You can apply the handbrake manually using a lever on the right hand side if you need to. You feel quite high up compared to othe cars but I like that too - feels as if you are driving a bus!! My 17 month old likes it too as she can see out the window really well from her car seat in the back. You can get them with a child view mirror thing which you can adjust so you can see your lo behind you (only if they are in a forward facing seat) - saves you trying to peer at them using your rearview mirror too. A thumbs up from me!!

Nemo1977 Sun 24-Apr-05 13:36:39

I have an older scenic and havent seen the newer one...but i love it. having had it i would now probably be more inclined to look at other scenics first over any other cars.

NomDePlume Sun 24-Apr-05 13:58:04

IME, Renault reliability/build quality is not that great, and servicing, repairs etc are very expensive (as on all French cars)- this coming from someone who used to workj for them (ie me!). Taking all of the above into consideration I wouldn;t be keen to buy something that had 1001 electrical gadgets on it - more to go wrong and pay through the nose endlessly to repair (not everything is covered under warranty).

Sadly Renaults are a case of 'buyer beware'.

lucykatie Sun 24-Apr-05 16:50:15

we have one and i wouldnt look back....they are fab, soooooooooo child friendly.

dont know about repairs etc as its brand new.....time will tell.

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