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short trip abroad - wimp out or go?

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meysey Sat 23-Apr-05 20:38:03


When does the aggro of packing and flying with two small kids, outweigh the joy of the trip?

I have been invited to a christening. It's a distant relative, but it is a rare family gettogether in Spain.

Due to some work commitments I can't take extra time off and we would have to fly out one day, have a whole day there and fly back the next day (3 days in all).

Everyone would love to see the kids, but I am dreading the travelling and can't decide whether to go or not. If it was a longer trip then they would have a chance to settle down before having to come back.

Also two weeks later we have a family holiday which will involve more packing and travelling.

Am I just being a wimp, and churlish not to go? Should I save myself the hassle and stay at home?

SenoraPostrophe Sat 23-Apr-05 20:41:26

how old are the kids?

I wouldn't hesitate to go if i had 2 copies of dd (who keeps saying "go on airplane in clouds"). But i have ds too, who is 1 so i would probably wimp, unless dh was coming, that is.

LIZS Sat 23-Apr-05 20:43:33

We went to a wedding - flew in late Friday evening, Wedding on Saturday, flew back teatime Sunday. Kids were 1 and 4 1/2, was tiring but overall it was fine and we were glad we made the effort. It isn't that far and only 1 hour time difference which you will reclaim before it takes any real effect.

meysey Sat 23-Apr-05 20:46:15

LIZS thanks for the encouragement, funnily enough my kids are exactly the same age as your two were. Also DH will be coming (slightly reluctantly!)

WestCountryLass Sat 23-Apr-05 22:30:38

I would go. Travelling to Spain is not that bad!

Heathcliffscathy Sat 23-Apr-05 23:13:17

go go go. life is too short to let fear of hassle get in way of living. i felt like this about going to nyc (longer trip, but way more hassle/time diff/longer flight). mners encouraged me to go and i'm so glad i did.

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