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wedding were do i start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sliverx2 Wed 16-Apr-03 16:51:17

Me and my dh to be want to start planning our wedding ( which will be in the next 12ms )but i dont have a clue were to start and were to finsh. I'v never been to a wedding i have only seen them on telly yes i know very very sad. To top it off we want it it Alton Towers HOTEL, which you can, BUT that's as far as i have got, and that's was throw the webb. please tell were i go from here i'm worried that i might miss something out!!!

SoupDragon Wed 16-Apr-03 17:01:41

1) Find out from Alton Towers Hotel what dates they have free and go from there You need a date before you can book anything else.

Have you looked on ? I think they have virtually everything there!

Ems Wed 16-Apr-03 17:41:37

sliverx2, if they do weddings at Alton Towers, then they will have a Wedding Co-ordinator, ask to speak to them and they will be able to help you with everything. They will be able to send you ideas of costs, ideas of food and prices etc. I imagine it will be like a menu that you can pick and choose the bits that you like to make it special.

Think about how much money you are prepared to spend and how many people you would like, and then after that you spend alot of time doing sums, and juggling £'s!!

I agree with Soupdragons recommendation of Confetti.

PS: If there is another big hotel near to you, ask for their wedding details, because then you will have something to compare the Alton Towers prices to.

CP Wed 16-Apr-03 19:12:06

I used a couple of bridal magasines - they are great. They normally have a pull out list of things to do so you shouldn't forget anything. Congratulations and good luck.

slug Wed 16-Apr-03 19:59:54

Those bridal magazines gave me panic attacks. Most of the stuff is completly unnecessary. Start with avaliable dates, work out how many you want to invite, and the rest sort of falls into place.

Linnet Wed 16-Apr-03 23:44:33

When my friend got married, she checked out the prices of hotels to compare, compared the meals that they offered for price again, got every single wedding magazine under the sun. Compared prices of florists,bands, cars and photographers, got herself a dress(us bridesmaids had to pay for our own) after a lot of searching. I helped with a lot of it and it was a lot of fun. She was lucky as her uncle is a baker so he made her wedding cake for her present and he knew a photographer who gave her a good deal. I would reccomend getting the prices of a few places to compare, work out how many you want to invite and go from there.
I have to say when we got married we cheated and booked a holiday abroad and got married while we were there. Booked it all through the internet and it was great. Our families are to complicated to have all under one roof at the same time so this worked for us.
there are a lot of good books you can get from the library/bookshops as well that will give you ideas of what to be doing.
Another good thing to go to is a wedding exhibition. They usually have these in hotels around this time of year and you can pick up business cards and see what various businesses have to offer. WE went to one and it was great fun and my friend got loads of ideas for her big day.
Good luck and don't stress it will all be fine in the end

zebra Thu 17-Apr-03 07:11:22

Start looking for the dress. If you want a nice hotel, I presume you want a very nice dress. It may take you a while to figure out what sort of dress you really want, then it takes 2-4 months after you order a designer gown to receive it, then it will need alterations which take a few weeks. Start thinking about what colour schemes you like, and make sure they go with the dress colour.

I bet you can find a guide on Amazon about wedding planning.

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