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Flattery (and other things to make you feel good!)

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MandyD Tue 15-Apr-03 23:06:54

I have a friend (male) who's a bit older than me and we sometimes discuss similar childhood/teenage experiences. He has his hair in a crop style now, but said he did possess a 20 year old pic of himself with long curls! Today I found a pic of myself from around the same era in which I look very sharp, thin and glam. Not at all how I feel now!

Anyway, he studied the picture for a while and said "You haven't changed much have you?" Whoooopeeeee-doooo!! That was exactly what I needed on this lovely spring day in all that basking weather. Anyone said anything nice to you recently?

mum2toby Wed 16-Apr-03 07:38:18

Someone said 'morning' to me today!

SoupDragon Wed 16-Apr-03 07:42:34

DS1 keeps tellng me I'm beautiful

mum2toby Wed 16-Apr-03 07:55:53

AW Soupdragon!! That's loverly.

I got told last week that I looked like Catherine Zeta Jones!!!!!

..... a fantastic compliment until they added......

".... just a fatter version of her"

whymummy Wed 16-Apr-03 08:08:19

i had a huge tooth abssess last week and my 5 year old ds said "you look like a monster mummy,will you ever be beautiful again?"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Demented Wed 16-Apr-03 13:13:18

My DS1 told me (after watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time) that I was Beauty and Daddy was the Beast.

griffy Wed 16-Apr-03 13:15:09

DS has got a Snow White thing going on at the moment, and he insists that I'm Snow White, DP is the Handsome Prince and he's Dopey!

ninja Wed 16-Apr-03 13:16:43

'our song' is 'Is she really going out with him?' (Joe Jackson) - if you don't know it the first line is: 'Pretty Women out walking with Gorillas down our street'. When we tell people this they all agree it's quite appropriate. (Mind you he says it should be 'Girlfriend in a Coma'!)

KeepingMum Wed 16-Apr-03 14:24:02

When I'm reading a magazine ds always points at the models with dark hair and says 'Mummy' which makes me feel pretty good, then he points at all the lovely male models and says 'Daddy' which makes me realise that perhaps his discrimination isn't that great after all.

Bozza Wed 16-Apr-03 14:29:25

While we were watching the marathon on Sunday DS pointed at Paula Radcliffe's tummy and said "Mummy".

I can obviously see his mistake in thinking that they were my abs. And of course he didn't mean the sun glasses and blonde pony tail.

Mo2 Wed 16-Apr-03 14:41:25

DS1 always shouts 'Mummy it's you' when we see Lady Penelope on Thunderbirds.....
I think it's a compliment?
(not sure 'daddy' for Parker though!!! Ha!)

breeze Fri 18-Apr-03 15:37:23

When I wear something new I ask DS how do I look, at which he replied "very pretty mummy" followed by "alright" by DH.

jac34 Fri 18-Apr-03 16:54:24

When I'm out shopping with my boys (4.5yo), they are very complementary, when I try things on.
"Oh, yes Mummy that looks nice,are you going to buy it"?
It's just when you get it home, and realise you have just bought something, on the advice of a 4yo,you doubt your sanity !!!

MandyD Fri 18-Apr-03 20:59:15

Yipee!! Yesterday I texted the same mate I started the thread by speaking of, to thank him for a favour, and he rung straight back (on DP's phone, thereby invoking a row...) and said did you text me, don't do it again!!!

Tonight he phoned to say Sorry. He was expecting a call from the police because cars were being broken into outside his house and my text came in the middle of it all. So he thought enough to say sorry. Gives me a happy!

Linzoid Sat 19-Apr-03 14:42:02

It's amazing how a little compliment can make you feel great! My friends 2 year old pointed at a pic of Cat Deely and said "Linzi" (me!) bless him!!
I was watching my dh in a pub recently (he plays in a band) and i was selling some of their c.d's for them should anyone like the music. One guy bought a c.d and immediately gave it away, when i asked him he said "only bought it off you for your good looks and cleavage" cheesy i know but the gel bra obviously works haha ( i am a 34a)Made my night anyway.

Bobbins Sat 19-Apr-03 14:53:20

doormat Sat 19-Apr-03 15:09:04

The gas reader knocked a couple of months ago and asked me if my mum was in to read the meter.
I was gobsmacked.
Felt like a teenager all over again.

myalias Sat 19-Apr-03 16:15:21

A couple of weeks ago I went down the pub with some girls straight after work. I still had my work clothes on and I was hoping not to bump into anyone as I looked rank. As soon as we arrived at the pub my brother and his gorgeous mates were sitting right by the bar. I went over and had a chat with them and noticed one of the lads kept looking over at me. The next time I met up with my brother he told me his mate thought I was really pretty and asked him if I was single. The fact that I'm married with 2 ds was just the confidence booster that I need.

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