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berri Fri 03-Apr-09 16:21:06

Who do you think is the best flower delivery company?

hmmSleep Fri 03-Apr-09 20:24:08

I've sent flowers from M&S, John Lewis and Interflora recently, (lots of new babies!). Personally I liked the Interflora ones best, really fresh and full bouquet, which surprised me. Next I liked the M&S, was a little disappointed with John Lewis, looked a little bare.

berri Fri 03-Apr-09 20:44:53

Strange, I've always stayed away from Interflora as I thought they were the worst flowers for the most money! Perhaps I was wrong...

wingandprayer Fri 03-Apr-09 20:47:58

I always send them from John Lewis and have never been let down. Everyone who has received them has always raved about them and they seem good value to me. They delivered flowers to my Mum for her birthday even though my credit card had expired in the meantime and they hadn't actually had payment - they left a polite message on my answer phone asking me to call them when convenient to sort it out and delivered them anyway.

hmmSleep Fri 03-Apr-09 22:24:34

Berri, I thought the same about interflora, I either got lucky or they've improved of late, but they were lovely. I've got a feeling with interflora it perhaps depends on your local shop, so maybe they're hit and miss?

Also I could have been unlucky with my john lewis flowers, but they were an expensive £40 bouquet and when I went to visit tne recipient they were the least impressive flowers she'd recieved, (my opinion not hers!)

I've used M&S a few times and always been happy.

boogeek Fri 03-Apr-09 22:32:41

I sent my mum a bouquet from wigglywigglers for mothers' day and she was thrilled - she said it was the nicest she's ever had and it was all grown in England,

GrimmaTheNome Fri 03-Apr-09 22:35:19

M&S seem to be consistently good. As someone said, Interflora will vary.

Kbear Fri 03-Apr-09 22:44:36

When I wanted flowers delivered to my friend about 100 miles away, I googled a local florist near to where she lived and called them up, had a chat, told them what I wanted and they made up the most beautiful bouquet ever! The personal touch. And as their debit card machine wasn't working she delivered them before I'd even paid as she asked me to send a cheque. Would definitely do it that way in future rather than picking a random flower delivery company.

Gentle Fri 03-Apr-09 22:49:39

I like Crocus. They have decent plants as well as bouquets.

dweezle Sat 04-Apr-09 08:14:09

Erk - we sent flowers via Interflora when my Mum was in hospital - the brochure promised a cheerful colourful bouquet, it cost £39, and when we saw them at visiting time we were really disappointed.

There were about eight flowers, and masses and masses of dark green shiny (think rubber plant) foliage. The whole thing looked really miserable.

I actually complained, becuase I thought that the advertising was very misleading, but was told there wasn't anything they could do. Will not use Interflora again.

Is there anyone who lives near where you want the flowers delivered and can actually go to local florist and get exactly what you want and have local florist deliver them?

Cies Sat 04-Apr-09 08:33:57

I've also done what Kbear did - looked up a local florist in the Yellow Pages and phoned them, talked to them about my budget, what the recipient likes and they made up a bouquet to my specifications. It felt much more personal and also I prefer to support little local shops to huge multi-nationals.

amicissima Sat 04-Apr-09 21:51:31

I've also done what Kbear and Cies did. I called a florist in Sydney; when she realised that I really was calling from the other side of the world (UK) we had a great chat - she sounded very excited, although somewhat incredulous. The recipient raved about the flowers and has used that florist ever since.

IlanaK Sat 04-Apr-09 22:05:12

Interflora is just local florists to where you want them delivered. So it does vary alot. I too have done the thing of googling a local florist and calling them. You get a really nice bouquet that way.

Lilly79 Wed 01-Jul-09 15:15:23

When I buy flowers online I usually check that their site seems safe. I prefer to buy flowers at local stores but sometimes one has to go online. wink

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