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Help me find belts or braces!!

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Nw Fri 11-May-01 12:37:09

We are nearly at the end of potty training our 2yr old. However his trousers will not stay up, he has a permanent builders bum! I cannot find any belts or braces anywhere, has anyone else found any???

Ems Fri 11-May-01 13:02:55

We found the old fashioned 'snake' belt from Mini Boden. They have website We struggled too, belts don't seem to come separate from the trousers or shorts these days!

Batters Fri 11-May-01 14:22:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mima Fri 11-May-01 16:05:07

We have the mini Boden snake belt - highly recommended.

Candy Fri 11-May-01 20:58:43

I've not checked this season but Verbaudet often do things like that - may be a bit "page-boy" though!

Nw Mon 14-May-01 11:10:39

Thanks a lot, have Boden catalogue and will order one now.

Hmonty Mon 14-May-01 15:27:13

Last year I found some braces in H&M. Don't know if they have them this year as well though but worth a try.

Giz Tue 15-May-01 14:37:51

I bought a pair of braces for my son at xmas from C&A in their closing down sale they had loads. Then about a month ago I was at the Bluewater shopping Centre and they had quite a few sets of braces in the Disney Store so I got him a really lovely Mickey Mouse pair which he seems to like as well! Maybe you could get him to pick his own favorite character.Do they have Disney Stores in your part of London?

Nw Thu 17-May-01 19:32:21

Excellent idea, there is a disney store in Reading will try there, tigger, pooh, tarzan and jungle book are all favourites at mo!!

Sapphire Sun 20-May-01 09:54:50

I finally found a belt - ONE belt! - for my daughter in Adams Childrenswear, after looking everywhere. Dont know if they do them for boys too, but might be worth a look.

Cocogarden Mon 15-Jun-09 13:50:22

You can find Belts and Braces for children on line. They are available from Hold them up and also My Fave Shop.

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