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Glasgow Hen Night Help

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gscrym Fri 22-Apr-05 16:30:09


I tried to book my friends hen night and the place we had planned is booked solid between now and end July. I've got a fire engine booked for transport so can anyone give me suggestions for anywhere that's a good laugh. It's for the 27th May and I can't get Shanghai Shuffle.

ja9 Fri 22-Apr-05 16:59:30

a FIRE ENGINE ???????????

my word!! cant wait to get your chat on sunday!

sorry, cant help but will read with interest!

anchovies Fri 22-Apr-05 17:16:31

Have you tried posting on either confetti or hitched? I got loads of ideas for my sisters hen night on there. May steal your fire engine idea though!!!

sammac Fri 22-Apr-05 17:27:37

The other place which is similar is curry karaoke near the secc. Never been, but heard good things about it( Altho' I will admit to giving it laldy at SS!!)

kikidee Fri 22-Apr-05 18:51:06

What about the Wok Way in Giffnock? I know it's a bit far out but have fire engine will travel.....! I think it's owned by the same people who own SS. Wok Way was the original place and then they opened SS in town. Haven't been to either of them or Curry Karaoke - karaoke is my worst nightmare but hope you all have a great time!

sammac Sat 23-Apr-05 19:38:47

Thought of another place this afternoon- Vegas on the Renfrew Ferry. Its on the last Saturday of the month, which would fit withyour plans,- you can check out the website on You can get dressed up, there's dancing, gambling with Elvis dollars and is good fun!
(ps my piccy's on the site, but not telling which one )

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