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first time in the pool

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heffalump Fri 22-Apr-05 15:55:41

We just took our five month old dd to the pool for a dip. We put her in a floaties swim seat and she seemed really scared. We expected her to like it as she really enjoys splashing in the bath. Only stayed for about 10 minutes as she seemed a bit over awed.Any advice out there for a mum who is taking a holiday at center parcs in june and wants to get dd used to water. I appreciate that it is early days and she may be different after a few visits but I also don't want to put her off.

honeybunny Fri 22-Apr-05 16:13:02

Small bath, BIG BIG POOL. Some babes are totally over awed by going to a pool for the first time, all that noise, splashing and other kiddies chatter etc.

I'd just go with holding close to you and lots of reassuring faces and chatter til she gets used to it and then re-intro the swim seat. And try and go whrn the pool's not too busy.

cod Fri 22-Apr-05 16:13:31

Message withdrawn

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