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Have always loved the Independent newspaper anyway but...

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Tinker Fri 22-Apr-05 12:31:04

...recently (as anyone who reads it will know) it changed its format. I emailed a tongue-in-cheek letter moaning about now being condemned to be handed the Motoring section to read in the morning now. Well, today, got reply from the Editor (ok, a standard one to all the moaners but...) and a weeks' worth of Indy vouchers Little things...

Heathcliffscathy Fri 22-Apr-05 13:11:24

now that's how to keep a reader with you! love the indie.

Pamina3 Fri 22-Apr-05 13:14:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Fri 22-Apr-05 13:15:21


milward Fri 22-Apr-05 13:16:01

Love the independent - love the motoring section!!

Freckle Fri 22-Apr-05 13:20:26

I buy our copy of the Independent and ensure that I get to read it first. Our local rag has recently changed its format too, making the sports section into a separate insert. Brilliant. Now dh can look at that bit whilst I read the more interesting stuff - not that a lot of interesting stuff happens locally.

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