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Mumsnet Survey: How dull are surveys?

(14 Posts)
CountessDracula Thu 21-Apr-05 23:23:30

a) very
b) quite
c) not at all
d) who gives a toss?

bossykate Thu 21-Apr-05 23:24:46

depends. if they validate what i am doing (e.g. working mum) very, very exciting and worthy of much attention. if they don't - who gives a toss?

CountessDracula Thu 21-Apr-05 23:25:34

so a) or d) for you

Aimsmum Thu 21-Apr-05 23:26:18

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Thu 21-Apr-05 23:26:39

No only if you have an opinion

Aimsmum Thu 21-Apr-05 23:28:01

Message withdrawn

bossykate Thu 21-Apr-05 23:28:53

so why are you asking? have you seen a humdinger survey?

WideWebWitch Fri 22-Apr-05 06:20:48

surveys schmurveys. Pile of poo most of them. That'll be d then.

Fio2 Fri 22-Apr-05 08:06:51


I want a "how many times a dog does your dog excrete?" survey

katierocket Fri 22-Apr-05 08:24:30


JoolsToo Fri 22-Apr-05 09:27:29

what do you think!

beansprout Fri 22-Apr-05 09:29:03


I mean where is the discussion in "what's your favourite colour?"!

JanH Fri 22-Apr-05 09:49:33


Mud Fri 22-Apr-05 09:52:35


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