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There is "something"; in our loft

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trefusis Thu 21-Apr-05 22:40:45

Message withdrawn

misdee Thu 21-Apr-05 22:41:38

bird maybe?

JanH Thu 21-Apr-05 22:41:58

If not pattering feet, what kind of noises? Could it be a bat or 2?

TheVillageIdiot Thu 21-Apr-05 22:42:16

If there's poo, a bit like rabbit poo it ould be squirrels.

or birds?

Evesmama Thu 21-Apr-05 22:42:24

could it be birds on the roof and not in loft??or maybe bats?

JanH Thu 21-Apr-05 22:42:50

Squirrels do like attics - they might patter though?

Surfermum Thu 21-Apr-05 22:43:35

I thought squirrels first, but if there's no pitter patter, I'd agree maybe bats?

TheVillageIdiot Thu 21-Apr-05 22:43:39

I had squirrels, I never noticed any noise

moondog Thu 21-Apr-05 22:44:45

I sometimes think this especially when I am alone and freaking slightly, but if you discount the obvious (rodents and bats) then I have realised that houses do move and creak and groan..just like us (or is that just me? )

Frizbe Thu 21-Apr-05 22:44:55

watch em they're buggers eat thru your electrics....

lavenderrr Thu 21-Apr-05 22:45:04

hate to say this but sounds liek rats or mice(scurrying of feet, think Samuel Whiskers from Beatrix Potter.

trefusis Thu 21-Apr-05 22:46:48

Message withdrawn

JanH Thu 21-Apr-05 22:48:47

If you went up there with a torch during the day and flashed it round the rafters you might see them dangling (bless!)

You could try concentrating on the attic during the day though to see if there are noises then too.

trefusis Thu 21-Apr-05 22:49:54

Message withdrawn

JanH Thu 21-Apr-05 22:52:37

Sounds pretty batlike to me....

trefusis Thu 21-Apr-05 22:54:09

Message withdrawn

HRHDuchessofPeahead Thu 21-Apr-05 22:55:11

Bats. They are sweet. And hang around the eaves. Could also be an owl, but you wouldn't hear quite so many noises then, just it going in and out only about 2 or 3 times and evening. Unless it is building a nest I suppose, it might be a bit more active then...

If it is bats, don't tell anyone about them. It is a pain if they get on the bat register - they come to check them once a year and you can forget ever doing a loft extension or anything once that happens!!!

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