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Would you like a live chat with Miriam Stoppard?

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Carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Apr-05 18:00:07

We've been offered one for the end of May and wondered if there'd be any interest?

Twiglett Thu 21-Apr-05 18:01:22

not from me I'm afraid - don't know anythign about her theories

could you arrange one with the bloke who plays Christian in Nip / Tuck or maybe even Hugh Jackman ??

JoolsToo Thu 21-Apr-05 18:03:37

I might - what's the set up?

MarsLady Thu 21-Apr-05 18:04:32

no thanks, but like the twig if it were Colin Salmon, Clive Owen or Taye Diggs then you could definitely put me down for it

Pruni Thu 21-Apr-05 18:06:00

Message withdrawn

JoolsToo Thu 21-Apr-05 18:06:32

my questions wouldn't be about parenting btw!

fairyfly Thu 21-Apr-05 18:06:47

Yes i still laugh at a book i was given by her telling me to pack a snack for my husband in my labour bag incase he got hungry. Oh and some quiz books and a paper.

bunny2 Thu 21-Apr-05 21:29:34

ff, I pmsl at that one too!

cod Thu 21-Apr-05 21:30:11

Message withdrawn

cod Thu 21-Apr-05 21:30:30

Message withdrawn

snafu Thu 21-Apr-05 21:31:13

quiz books pmsl

silly mare, can't stomach her

JanH Thu 21-Apr-05 21:32:10

Maybe, but can't the father pack his own sandwich?

Mud Thu 21-Apr-05 21:33:12

has she got a new book to plug then?

Lonelymum Thu 21-Apr-05 21:34:05

My pg and childcare bible was one of Miriam Stoppards. Can't say I think it is all great but it got me through parenting a baby. Why is she considered light weight?

snafu Thu 21-Apr-05 21:34:05

compete baby and child care pt 47

same old patronising crap, different pictures of women in floral smocks

morningpaper Thu 21-Apr-05 21:44:58

I'd like to know how fellatio provides satisfying sex for COUPLES during pregnancy ...

Whizzz Thu 21-Apr-05 22:04:57

She could give us her views on colonic irrigation & her sex drive !

I had one of her books when I was pg with DS & must admit to not being a fan - sorry Miriam !

moondog Thu 21-Apr-05 22:13:54

The cynical and ruthless marketing of MS endorsed products is matched only in greed and naffness by those hideous John Lennon 'Imagine' nursery mobiles and friezes.

hub2dee Thu 21-Apr-05 22:52:13

Some friends gave us her DVD. Not very, ahem, 'complex', but nonetheless useful I thought. A tad condescending for experienced mums perhaps but first time round not bad.

WideWebWitch Fri 22-Apr-05 06:25:37

I think of her as 'mad miriam' as someone called her here once so no, I wouldn't be interested. I'd probably watch it for a laugh though!

Pruni Fri 22-Apr-05 07:59:42

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Fri 22-Apr-05 10:27:21

Well, all I can say is, her explanations of how the baby grew in the uterus, and physical complications of pregnancy, and, most importantly, how to care for a baby and her descriptions of normal baby behaviour, got me through parenting for the first time. I had no experience (or liking) for babies before I had my own so I had no idea what to do or what normal baby behaviour was. Some of what she wrote did not fit my circumstances but then she is not alone in writing things I find ludicrous. Every pg book I have read talks about birthing aids - ??????? Having done it 4 times, I can safely say, the idea of oils, music, massages etc in labour is complete nonsense to me, as is the idea that I give a toss whether dh has food to eat (sorry dh!) The only aid I needed to give birth was the encouragement of the MWs that all was going well and progress was being made. So, yes, she worte some things I found ludicrous, but, as I said, she also taught me how to care for my baby and what to expect in pg and labour, so I don't think she is all bad.

I have to say, I have no idea what Gina Ford (?) has to say about childcare but I bet I think a lot of it is nonsense. Ditto, I would love Annabel whatever-her-name-is (Karmel?) to come and make pizza faces with my children or broccoli sheep or lentil hedgehogs or any other of her daft ideas for getting children to eat vegetables and then watch them turn their noses up at them. Does she really think making food into pretty pictures will overcome a child's aversion to certain tastes?

Sorry, rant over. Just needed to vent.

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