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Don't you all think we need a new subject category - threads that talk about other threads?

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ks Thu 21-Apr-05 17:13:31

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 21-Apr-05 17:14:56

flashingnose Thu 21-Apr-05 17:15:49

Personally I would like the "hot" threads added to MN News so I can keep up

Fio2 Thu 21-Apr-05 17:16:13

i was thinking the same ks

ks Thu 21-Apr-05 17:17:17

Message withdrawn

dinosaur Thu 21-Apr-05 17:17:48

Can we deconstruct them? I've always like deconstructing.

Fio2 Thu 21-Apr-05 17:18:55


its a sister thread to the sister thread

JoolsToo Thu 21-Apr-05 17:19:03

and 'hot' topic threads in a different colour so we don't miss anything!

WideWebWitch Thu 21-Apr-05 17:35:09

ha ha! I once had a meeting about a meeting about a meeting about a meeting.

Marina Thu 21-Apr-05 17:35:38

groan, metadata

Carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Apr-05 17:56:42

We quite like the "hot" threads idea for mn news and will add to the agenda for our next meeting!

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