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QUICK - want to prove how good mumsnet is!

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JustFlumAgain Thu 21-Apr-05 16:03:45

Am at work, someone just asked me:

when you drop an iron on the carpet and a bit of carpet gets burnt on to it. Can you remove it from the iron? if so how?


SoupDragon Thu 21-Apr-05 16:05:47

A good scrub with a scourer when it's cold works. Or scrap it off with an old fashioned razor blade. Or when it's hot, give it a firm rub with a cloth (be careful here!)

SoupDragon Thu 21-Apr-05 16:06:07

(I melted a plastic bag with our once )

JustFlumAgain Thu 21-Apr-05 16:09:49

spose shoudl be on flylady net or something

Twiglett Thu 21-Apr-05 16:10:14

seem to remember rubbing a candle over it when its really hot then ironing on to a spare cloth

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 21-Apr-05 16:10:56

Let me just check my 1001 home hints book that dh bought for me as a present

Bugsy2 Thu 21-Apr-05 16:10:57

have removed burnt on things with a sharp knife blade before - obviously when the iron was cold.

Enid Thu 21-Apr-05 16:11:33

lol nbg

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 21-Apr-05 16:13:21

The 1001 home hints recommends a little dilute Glycerine and wash or to treat more stubborn marks use a hydrogen-peroxide solution of 1 part to 9 parts water.

MarsLady Thu 21-Apr-05 16:13:30

no advice just lol. Poor you NBG. Hope you found a suitable book like 1001 ways to please your woman to give to him

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 21-Apr-05 16:14:18

Stupid bloody book!

JustFlumAgain Thu 21-Apr-05 16:18:30

ermmmmm rigth, umm thanks.

will suggest: knife, razor, candle wax, glycerine and hydrogen peroxide (?!)

actually will suggest: BUY NEW IRON

chipmonkey Thu 21-Apr-05 16:19:07

brillo pad! Works for me anyway (or it did when I used to iron. Now we go around crumpled!)

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 21-Apr-05 16:26:57


Read post wrong.

Use that on the carpet if it's marked.

For the iron it says to use a proprietary brand of iron cleaner or bicarb of soda (baking soda) rubbed over with a damp cloth or just rub with a damp towel. Obviously when iron is cool.


JustFlumAgain Thu 21-Apr-05 16:57:03

useless. no wonder he gave you the book love {snirk]

cod Thu 21-Apr-05 16:57:38

Message withdrawn

cod Thu 21-Apr-05 16:59:05

Message withdrawn

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