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have finally just blown my stack....

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rantaway Thu 21-Apr-05 00:24:52

well its finally happened. ive ranted on here before about my neighbours kid but tonight really was the limit. ive been decorating all afternoon on and off and his mum has kept an eye on the baby in the living room for me. so later as a thankyou i bought us all some food. (well she fetched it but i paid!). her son has generally played up, threw his food all over the room and been as irritating as usual. when they had gone i was cleaning up the mess when i noticed some marks on my freshly painted wall. ds told me that his friend had been stabbing it with the scraper. i went MAD. this is just the last in a long line of incidents and i am SO fed up. the child doesnt have a problem, ive been told by other people he does not behave like this in their houses so ive come to the conclusion that he just hates ME. at ten years old he really should know better. i stormed round to his mother and told her he wasnt coming in my house again if this is what hes going to do. i have changed my name because tomorrow in rl i will probably rant this story to a lot of people who i wouldnt want to know my normal nickname!! i am so flaming angry. just needed to get that out thanks.

Chandra Thu 21-Apr-05 00:40:46

All my sympathies to you. I don't think the child hate you it's just that he had probably noticed that you were more patient but after this, he knows were he stands if misbehaving again! Having said that I guess the little bratt won't have more oportunities to misbehave at your house, am I right?

I laso have a neighbour with a horrible pair of girls (funny thing is they behave well and even are lovely when their mother is NOT around), last weekend we had invited some people for dinner and the neighbour (who also know them) invited herself (with kids), they started screaming the house down, scared my toddler, were jumping on the sofas and were using DS's plastic trike, later they started running in circles screaming around the table while we were trying to have dinner. At some point our guest said he could not take it anymore, that they were behaving as 2 yrs old -neighbour just smiled at how lively the girls were-. HE and his family left within 15 minutes and so did the neighbour, when she was going out I noticed that one of the girls had pee dripping from her trousers, so the mother just look at me and with a big smile said "children, they start playing and forget they need to get to the toilett"

FFS!!!! They are 9 yrs old!!! Why they never behave like that when the mother is not around???

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