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I met Cherie Blair today!!!!!

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SleepyJess Wed 20-Apr-05 16:25:51

Oh cripes.. I still can't believe it.. and I looked really casual-verging-on-rough due to not knowing I was going to be meeting her!!

I had to do an assembly today at my daughter's infant school because we were showing the children the results of a project I (plus DH, and few other parents) have been working on in last few months. (We have made non-fiction story sacks with funding from a company called Unltd. (millenium awards trust).. and we are currently in the process of having some launch events of which today's was the first.. and supposed to be the lowest key one of the three!!)

Cherie was visiting the school site as the early years project there has been put together and funded over last few years by government funding. After the assembly we decided to go loiter.. and Cherie came over to meet us!!!! We shook hands etc.. she went to meet some children...and then the Head suggested we go get a couple of story sacks to show her.

She was lovely! And contrary to various popular opinions she looked very pretty (and very petite!). She told us all about a similar (to story sacks) scheme Leo has taken part in at school involving keeping some tadpoles at home (Tadpoles in No.10!).. which sadly all died the same day as the Pope!!
(I was at this point politely listening and laughing.. and commenting on my childhood experience with tadpoles..and thinking.. wow! I am standing here discussing tadpoles with the Prime Minister's wife!! With papparazi-style flash bulbs going off all over the place!! No tv cameras thank goodnes..)

Some school staff have printed out some pictures that a staff member took and there is one of DH and I talking to Cherie.. but sadly the view is completely of the back of us.. and my denim clad backside looks COLLOSAL!! (Still cannot believe I met Cherie in not-even-my-best jeans, a red tshirt with a cartoon character on.. and a denim jacket! And I was going to wear flip-flops.. but didn't at the last minute! And my hair could have done with washing!! cringe!)

Annnnyway.. just thought I would share unexpected half hour with you! (Wish Tony had been there!)

SJ x

almostanangel Wed 20-Apr-05 16:29:51

ooh its not legal to have tadpoles other than in a pond if you move them you could get prosicuted ,,im off to see tony!!

Cadbury Wed 20-Apr-05 16:30:14

glad you had a nice experience

JoolsToo Wed 20-Apr-05 16:32:21

yes sounds like an interesting day.

did you ask if Leo had had MMR?

almostanangel Wed 20-Apr-05 16:41:09

jooles???huh i put pic on you go lol

almostanangel Wed 20-Apr-05 16:41:30

oops sorry for interupting by the way lol

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