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Always look on the bright side of life - te tum, te tum, te tumtetum, te tum

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JoolsToo Tue 19-Apr-05 07:23:18


happymerryberries Tue 19-Apr-05 07:26:48

I tend to agree, but can I ask why specificaly?

Twiglett Tue 19-Apr-05 07:29:12

Always look on the bright side of death te tum tetumtetum te tum
Just before you take your terminal breath


JoolsToo Tue 19-Apr-05 07:35:10

why not?

weird day yesterday!

rickman Tue 19-Apr-05 08:03:28

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Tue 19-Apr-05 08:10:51

i'm trying, jools! it's a sunny day out. that helps .

flamesparrow Tue 19-Apr-05 08:12:33

Just reading the current 60 or whatever it is, then off out for the day.

Will not join in...will not join in...will not join in....

wheresmyfroggy Tue 19-Apr-05 08:14:55

I am jools but then i always do, i'm a bit of a optomist

JoolsToo Tue 19-Apr-05 08:25:40


Twiglett Tue 19-Apr-05 09:36:39

ooo - a thread for me? .. will go and seek it out immediately


BadgerBadger Tue 19-Apr-05 10:00:28

The sun's shining, so I'll probably find myself grinningy inanely all day!

Joolstoo, if you want a real giggle.....

I honestly thought your pc saw gniyalp pu yltnecer! Which is why I referred to it as a PITA rather than a pity.

JoolsToo Tue 19-Apr-05 10:02:21

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