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Can anyone recommend a joiner/carpenter in South London?

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Frieda Thu 10-Apr-03 20:58:51

We’d like to have some cupboards made for our bedroom & are having difficulty finding a recommended joiner. Does anyone happen to know of one?

bossykate Thu 10-Apr-03 21:00:31

yes i can recommend someone. if you email they will pass a message on and i will give you the name and number.

clucks Thu 10-Apr-03 21:01:14

WE have had at least 4 in the past 2 yrs and cannot recommend a single one...

Getting a new one to quote this week and he is travelling down from Lincs. good luck, trying not to snigger...

Try for Oz/kiwis who are more skilled and harder working.

Queenie Thu 10-Apr-03 21:18:06

Yes, I can recommend a company based in East London/Essex but who travel all over London. Try 0208 599 8030 (Office/answerphone) or mobile 07932 622962. They have done loads for us and we are always happy with the results.

Frieda Fri 11-Apr-03 13:42:55

Many thanks, everyone – I'll email you, bossykate, for your contact. (Really appreciate it, too, as I know what it's like when you find a good workman – you want to keep them to yourself sometimes!)

Izabellla1 Thu 06-Apr-17 15:10:44

Abstract joinery are great, they have Facebook page and website as well and they offer free quote

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