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All time favourite Weepie?

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Kia Tue 08-May-01 20:10:51

Whats the all time favourite weepie film that needs a man/child free house, favourite treat and/or alcohol and 2-3 boxes of kleenex? Nothing like a good sob when you know there's going to be a happy ending! Perhaps we could have a 'mumsnet-must-see' film lists!! do you find you cry more now you've had children?

Star Tue 08-May-01 20:35:28

Message withdrawn

Peaches Tue 08-May-01 20:53:58

My all time weepie has got to be Beaches with Bette Midler.I love the music,you are my sunshine,my only sunshine,you make me happy when skies are grey etc.Of course Wind beneath my wings is the most famous song from it.The story is really emotional all the way through and well at the end the tears just stream out of me anyway.I definelty think this is a woman only film!It's a very strong film about bonding and trust which are two things that are important in life.
Take Care,

Rhiannon Tue 08-May-01 22:26:39

I can remember sitting in the front row of the cinema with two friends, our anoraks pulled up over our fronts (must have been cold), crying our eyes out at Ghost. Never seen it since, I'll have to give it another go.

Marina Wed 09-May-01 08:25:33

Kia, I'm with Star on this one. I adore It's a Wonderful Life and am in floods of tears by the end, every time. In the "modern repertoire", I find Shadowlands also turns on the taps. The house does have to be man-free as dh is liable to point out anachronisms, plot-loopholes, fact that CS Lewis was in real life a miserable old git, etc. The only emotionally-charged film he will tolerate is the Truffaut one, The 400 Blows. Does anyone else find that freeze-frame of the young Antoine on the beach almost too much to bear? No happy ending there. And knowing it was based so much on Truffaut's own wretched, neglected childhood makes it worse.
Yes, I do cry more now I have a child, and find any reports of miraculous births, survival against the odds etc really, really affect me. I also feel overwhelming joy for others too. It has definitely made me less cynical all round.

Tigermoth Wed 09-May-01 11:06:16

It's a wonderful life gets my vote, too. But the film that had me in floods of tears as a child was Mary Poppins. When she flew away hanging onto her umbrella, I was inconsolable.

Popping off for a short while now myself. Unless I can find a friendly computer on my travels ....

Kia Wed 09-May-01 18:09:23

OK! Here's the poll from my office today! But sentimental gush only allowed! Gone with the Wind; Up Close & Personal; Out of Africa; American President; coming up a close second is Steel Magnolias and the winner is - Terms of Endearment! I wanted to put in Bridges of Madison County but it failed the test on 'drama content'. Oh and not forgetting any Danielle Steele made into a TV film! A special mention went to Madge's passing on scene from Neighbours last night! I did do some work today, honest!

Candy Wed 09-May-01 19:01:00

"Of Mice And Men" - the version with John Malkovich - makes me howl every time I see it - a bit unfortunate as I teach english and watch it every year with a class full of 16 year olds!

Kate71 Wed 09-May-01 19:43:55

'Born Free' broke my heart when I was little it took ages for my Mum to calm me down. I must have a hard heart now as I don't cry too much at fiction this means that Er is real because I cry at that loads.
On a serious note I cried most while watching 'The Killing Fields'.

Mima Wed 09-May-01 20:12:08

The Champ and Out of Africa are my favourites.

Tigger Wed 09-May-01 20:30:39

The one with Julie Walters and Brenda Blethyn,had me in floods and my friend, also I did like Saving Private Ryan, a very indepth and moving film. I can say they didn't hold back on anything.

Jodee Wed 09-May-01 22:16:55

Since having a baby I am so sentimental over babies and animals it's ridiculous. Yet another vote here for It's a Wonderful Life; call me soppy if you like but when the dogs and the cat come running across the field at the end of 'The Incredible Journey' I can't stop howling.

Winnie Thu 10-May-01 08:30:31

Peaches, Beaches is a good one, Its a Wonderful Life is a classic, I also love Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe, and The English Patient (although the book is even better!)... Sadly,I could go on but I certainly can't make an overall fav. choice!

Hmonty Thu 10-May-01 09:43:01

I cry to everything and anything. Filmwise the Killing Fields got me too. And who can forget that bit in Sleepless in Seattle where Tom Hanks is talking about his dead wife...I even cried when watching Disney's Tarzan when the Mother Gorilla saved baby Tarzan from the leoppard. Add to this any moving news story (the election is about the only thing that doesn't make me cry!), ER, A&E (the first series in particular where Martin Shaw's partner died leaving him with the baby and the episode where a little girl died in a car accident 'cause she wasn't in a car seat...Oh and the recent miscarriage story line)...I even cry at books (anyone read Captain Corelli's Mandolin? My copy has very crinkly pages now) ....basically I'm a blubbering wreck! Do feel better after a good cry though! Maybe I should post this as my hobby on the other discussion.

Jayc Thu 10-May-01 10:17:26

The End of the Affair is a great movie (but not really a happy ending!). Cinema Paradiso is also wonderful - can't remember if I cried byt I do remember loving it. If they make a movie of Carol Shields' 'A Republic of Love' that would qualify (complete with happy ending).

Esme Thu 10-May-01 11:15:56

Watched End Of the Affair on Sunday night and I agree a great film that had me crying buckets. However it's definitely not a feel good movie. Another really good weepie is Shadowlands with Anthony Hopkins.

Binza Thu 10-May-01 12:55:05

Hmonty I'm exactly the same - I blub at most things that are remotely sad or not even. I remember at the birth of my second child wanting to tell the midwife not to announce the sex of the baby as I have a thing about wanting to see for myself but I couldn't say anything for crying and my husband was trying to explain to her bless him. If someone says anything nice about my children I can feel myself going and I now have to send hubby to parents evenings on his own so that I don't make a fool of myself. My all time favourite weepy has to be Terms Of Endearment. I try desperately not to cry and sit with an awful lump in my throat holding back the tears until.... the little boy goes in to say goodbye to his mum. Got to go for a tissue!!

Ems Thu 10-May-01 12:58:32

I cried at Comic Relief, such awful, sad stories. I watch Blue Peter with eldest and when I was preggy they were doing their hospital equipment appeal for children in special care. So I was blubbing mon, wed and Fri suppertime! Anything emotional to do with children and I find it really hard.

Spring Thu 10-May-01 13:12:31

OK, I'm going to 'fess up here, and only because you don't know me..... I cried at Neighbours on Tuesday and again last night. I've been a very secret avid fan for years and years and I can't imagine it being the same now that Madge has died, and so suddenly!!

Please please don't slag off Neighbours, I couldn't bear it. It's the only non-violent soap and is very light-hearted. Anyway, I need my de-stress half hour after work and coming home to make tea/bath/stories/bedtime/dinner/chores etc(that's what I used to say when I was pregnant anyway) now I tape it and secretly watch it after my husband has fallen asleep after dinner!! When my daughter was a baby she used to smile when she heard the opening tune to it, even now she smiles and looks at me. My version of womb music.........

Am I sad or what?

My favourite film is The Sound of Music, I first saw it when I was 5 and fell in love with what's his name, Plummer? I still cry when I watch it which is a few times a year with my niece who I've also got hooked on it. Good excuse for a sing song.

Batters Thu 10-May-01 13:36:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rhiannon Thu 10-May-01 16:46:24

DUMBO - the bit when Dumbo's Mum gets locked up in a cage and she puts her trunk through the bars and wraps him up and rocks him. Oh God, gets me every time.

Jw Thu 10-May-01 16:59:12

Spring, if you like the Sound of Music you should try to get along to the 'Sing-A-Long-A-Sound-Of-Music' show. It'll certainly bring tears to your eyes .......... of laughter!
It's hard to dexcribe the experience - you're watching the film (with lyrics showing) and it all involves karaoke, fancy dress and audience participation ("boo the nazis! hiss the baroness!"). Great Fun!

It’s currently on at the Prince Charles cinema off Leicester Square (sorry London agian!) but I think it’s also touring the UK.

Kia Thu 10-May-01 18:19:59

Spring, I really meant that someone said that they had cried buckets when Madge died - special mention in terms of sentimental gush but not a film, if you catch my drift. My daughter says 'Stepmom' with Julia Roberts is too sad for words. I cannot watch any famine stories on TV anymore, it sickens me. Yet before children I could sit with my tea on my lap and watch the news regardless. Nature strikes back eh?! I did read somewhere that if armies were female only there would be no war. How about that for a dinner partette conversation?!

Janh Thu 10-May-01 19:08:07

kramer vs kramer?

Jodee Thu 10-May-01 19:11:44

I forgot to say - every single episode of The Little House on the Prairie

and Forever Young with Mel Gibson - gorgeous even as a pensioner!

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