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What are those little white semi-circles on my fingernails?

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colditz Sun 17-Apr-05 23:51:55

The bit closest to my finger, it's very noticable on my thumbs. Most people seem to have them but what are they caused by and for what purpose are they there?

MistressMary Sun 17-Apr-05 23:53:05

Half moons they are called. Good question.
To protect?

lavenderrr Sun 17-Apr-05 23:53:06

lack of calcium I think

JoolsToo Sun 17-Apr-05 23:53:37

so you know where your nail ends and your finger starts

starshaker Sun 17-Apr-05 23:54:42

think is shows healthy nails its when u get white spots on ur nail it mean either uve knocked it or lack of calcium

hunkermunker Sun 17-Apr-05 23:55:20

It's called the lunula. Everyone has them. Part of the nail anatomy.

colditz Sun 17-Apr-05 23:55:50

I wonder if it is the nail that does it, or is it the coloration of the flesh underneath?

colditz Sun 17-Apr-05 23:56:46

I only have them on some of my fingers, are my hands strange?

starshaker Sun 17-Apr-05 23:56:46

think it must be the flesh underneath as when ur nail grows it doesnt move

mears Mon 18-Apr-05 00:01:19

nail structure for your info

colditz Mon 18-Apr-05 00:04:19

Thankyou, i will look at that when my puter decides to work

strugstu Mon 18-Apr-05 00:04:32

i recently noticed i have verticle ridges on my nails my thumbs are the worst, does anyone no what it is? (sorry thread hijack)

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