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suzywong - is your Mum staying?

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marthamoo Sun 17-Apr-05 21:30:58

Only you don't seem to have been around much and I have been on msn for days now (love Version 7) and you haven't

If she is there, how is it, and did she bring your T-shirts and are they OK?

kid Sun 17-Apr-05 21:36:55

(Can you download MSN version 7 now)

marthamoo Sun 17-Apr-05 21:37:34

Yes you can and it's great - has little animations and better emoticons (easily pleased, me)

suzywong Mon 18-Apr-05 15:01:07

yes yes and yes, and dad too
it's going OK mum has verbal diaorrhea, but they are having a great time and love WA and Ds1 only biffed mum once when she tried to break up a fight

so thanks you for asking

and is it me you want to download msn version 7?

marthamoo Mon 18-Apr-05 19:30:23

Yes Suze you must download it - though it will probably make your Mac blow up (I know you are asleep now but I bet you look at this thread tomorrow).

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