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Help me choose a swimsuit from the Boden catalogue

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pepsi Sun 17-Apr-05 20:57:08

going on hols end June (in UK), but need a new swimsuit. Have been given some vouchers for Boden so thought I try there. Now, Im 5'9", 93/4 stone, pale, blond, flat chested, but have the dreaded cellulite. Not sure which one to go for but was thinking about the Bow swimsuit on page 118 in lobster. Is this a safe bet. prefer the crocus primrose one but not sure if thats too much. Have looked at cossies for about 10 years, my old one has been around too long. any advice.

tiptop Sun 17-Apr-05 21:33:23

I really shouldn't be looking at the Boden catalogue. I've been trying to avoid looking at it or else I'll place an order. But, just for you......
Firstly, you must have a gorgeous figure! Secondly, I'd say to order whatever you like as you'll have free p&p and returns, won't you? As you have vouchers, I'd ring them and make sure that they'll give you the offer as it is on the MN homepage and that you can order in a way so that you can use the vouchers. They're usually pretty obliging if you ask for something reasonable., I say to order both you fancy and try them on in the comfort of your own home. I don't have a Boden swimsuit although I do have a bikini, so I can't advise on the fit on one of their swimsuits, but I'm sure you'll look fantastic! Now, do I think that I can put this catalogue away without writing up a wish list? Nope!

pepsi Mon 18-Apr-05 08:47:16

Hope answering didnt cost you a fortune tiptop. Sadly I dont have a great figure, it sounds that way on paper but I look like an ageing cellulite ridden out of shape giraffe. Whats your bikini like? Were you pleased with the fit?

tiptop Mon 18-Apr-05 09:22:51

I forced myself to put the catalogue down. For now, I thought. Though, after that, when I went to bed and tried to put away all the clothes I'd ironed, I couldn't cos the 2 chests of drawers I have are too full, so I thought I'd better not buy any more until I sort out the ones that I have that I don't wear. I haven't worn the bikini for ages, but I think it fitted as well as it could given my figure! I have a couple of Speedo swimsuits with a crossed back that I really like. Nothing worse than hitching up the straps while you're swimming.

crunchie Mon 18-Apr-05 09:39:03

Looks really nice, I would go for the print too, means people will look at the swimsuit not the body

I quite like the halterneck on emyself, in the 'Aqua Sophia' or bright flowery pattern mayself.

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