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Advice needed please...Lifting floor tiles.

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Aimsmum Sun 17-Apr-05 13:49:29

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 17-Apr-05 14:26:48

This has a few suggestions including using an iron, which I had heard before - no details re heat etc though. HTH

Aimsmum Sun 17-Apr-05 14:43:36

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Sun 17-Apr-05 14:59:34

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 17-Apr-05 15:02:16

Fantastic, Aimsmum! I've never tried it so I wondered how well it worked - glad it was so successful

Loobie Sun 17-Apr-05 15:21:47

and sprinkle with talcum pwder to take away the stickiness left over by the tiles !!

Aimsmum Sun 17-Apr-05 15:22:13

Message withdrawn

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