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Just wanted to say an enormous heartfelt thank you

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Carla Sun 17-Apr-05 11:16:55

To everyone who helped me out last week.

Things are a bit better now - I was in bed for three days last week (although I suspect this was probably as a result of me deciding to stop the ADs) and he even bought me flowers . Okay, it was at my mum's suggestion to him, but still....

Have a 1/2 appt with solicitor tomorrow, am supposed to be taking along a pal. Now, though, I've got cold feet about it, especially as he seems better now. And there really doesn't seem much point, as he knows exactly what I've got financially and I haven't a clue what he has.

Thank you all so much, especially those of you who emailed me. Sorry I was too chicken to reply - I just kept thinking 'things aren't really that bad'.

Anyhow, it's wonderful to be back, and thank you all so much. Couldn't have got through it without you. [gush, gush] emoticon.


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