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do you know of any kids in care

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scottishmumto1 Sat 16-Apr-05 15:44:24

my cousin , who i dont class as a relative anymore had a little girl in july 2002. but in nov 2003 she was taken into care as she was being abused at home. i know the little girl had a fractured skull and broken ribs. it was suppoose to be done by the girls father but i suspect my cousin of abusing her too. i know for definate she was covering up for her partner abusing the girl.
the little girl has been in care since then. and as to my knowledge my cousin gets to see her once a week but th efather doesnt at all. he is suppose to be going to court sometime.
i dont speak to my auntie, cousins mum. anymore or cousins sister as they are blind to cousin and think she didnt do anything to little girl and they didnt like my honesty one day about how a mother could stand back and watch someone abuse her own baby. i hope this makes some sense.
i think about little girl all the time especially as i have dd of my own now. it makes me so sad sometimes

kid Sat 16-Apr-05 15:53:23

I know someone who was using drugs during her pregnancy. When the baby was born, the baby had withdrawal symptoms. The baby is now almost 3 and lives with her nan. The mum can see the baby when she wants but is not allowed to take the baby.

It is really sad when a child is taking into care, especially under the circumstances you describe scottishmumto1. I find it upseting that someone could cover up if someone was hurting their child. I know I couldn't ignore it and wouldn't hesitate to help if I knew a child was being abused.

scottishmumto1 Sat 16-Apr-05 16:00:56

none of the family even knew it was happening, well not on my cousins side. she had moved away so we didnt see her and child as often as i did before. i used to see her a couple of days every week before they moved. i only seen them a couple of times once they had moved and one of the times i did see them she child had a large bump on her head and cousin told me she fell outside, but now it makes me wonder if it was a fall or much worse. i wish i knew what was going on before she got taken into care as i would have taken child away from the situation. but now she is in care there is nothing i can do for her. its a good job i aint seen my cousin or her partner who she has suppose to be married to now. as i dont know how i would react

kid Sat 16-Apr-05 16:09:09

I doubt she would have let you take her child away anyway so there is no point in feeling bad about it.
I have heard on the news of several cases of even though SS were involved, the child ended up dying as action wasn't taken quickly enough. I'm just glad this wasn't the case for your cousins daughter.

As for the bump on the head, it could well have happened when she fell. I know both my kids are covered in bruises, DD has lots on her knees and DS has 2 on his head (a bit like horns growing!) but I understand your reason for being suspicious.

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