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Guys? Looking for honest male advice on vasectomies!

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trefusis Sat 16-Apr-05 11:39:21

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Apr-05 11:41:04

She's paranoid, blimey, what's the problem? (Her paranoia obv!)

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 11:42:07

omg paranoid

trefusis Sat 16-Apr-05 11:42:37

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Apr-05 11:45:05

She needs to work out why she's so paranoid imo. Poor bloke couldn't have won in this situation could he? Had he refused she'd have been cross because contraception was down to her but he trotted off as asked and so she suspects him. Not on, I feel quite sorry for him!

trefusis Sat 16-Apr-05 11:48:13

Message withdrawn

Goldfish Sat 16-Apr-05 12:46:06

Blimey, sounds exactly like my life. After 2 dss we definitely didn't want any more, so my exact same discussion with dh was that I had been on the pill for years, given birth twice, breast fed and so on and it was his turn to be pulled about and have a vasectomy. This he went off and done and this was about 3 years ago. As far as I am concerned it is because he is being responsible and committed. He works away on an oil rig, but there have been times when hes been based in Holland, but I have always totally trusted him. It has never crossed my mind to think like your friend trefusis. We have been together 21 years - I met him when I was 19 and am now 40 so I hope I know him by now. I couldn't think like your friend. My dh works away 2 weeks at a time, so there is ample oppurtunity for both off us to stray, but if there isn't trust, what is there?

trefusis Sat 16-Apr-05 13:32:38

Message withdrawn

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