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Halo !! whos about then ??

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almostanangel Fri 15-Apr-05 22:41:05

whos about??

starshaker Fri 15-Apr-05 22:41:49


Lonelymum Fri 15-Apr-05 22:42:29

Me but off to bed in a mo.

coldtea Fri 15-Apr-05 22:42:57


colditz Fri 15-Apr-05 22:43:22


almostanangel Fri 15-Apr-05 22:43:36

hello all

Lonelymum Fri 15-Apr-05 22:45:51

Where have you been all evening then?

almostanangel Fri 15-Apr-05 22:47:45

visiting mumin hospital now sitting here with archers and lemonade

Lonelymum Fri 15-Apr-05 22:49:39

Oh That is not so good. I always get the impression Mners are out clubbing on Friday nights. How is your mother?

almostanangel Fri 15-Apr-05 22:52:22

shes ok ..moaning she wants to go home ,,

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