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Elevenses !!!!!!

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MaryAnnSingleton Thu 05-Mar-09 16:46:53

ah, we can only do 1000, so here's the new one, hope you find it !

hippipotamiHasLostFourPounds Thu 05-Mar-09 16:48:46

Yippee, my heart lept when I saw this grin
Had just tried to post on the other thread and discoved it would not let me.

Sometimes threads go over 1000 though, so was worth a try smile

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 05-Mar-09 17:59:23

let's hope that hotcross sees this !

hippipotamiHasLostFourPounds Thu 05-Mar-09 18:45:32

She will know to look for us smile

Hotcrossbunny Thu 05-Mar-09 19:42:10

Just found you - I'd already started a new thread, so hope it doesn't get confusing. Don't post on the other one, stick here and then we're all in the same place!

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 05-Mar-09 19:44:15

oh, have just replied on your one hotcross !

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 05-Mar-09 19:45:31

hotcross' thread

Hotcrossbunny Thu 05-Mar-09 21:01:05

Aaagh! Now I don't know where we aregrin Sorry, I've confused things...

hippipotamiHasLostFourPounds Fri 06-Mar-09 08:07:50

Are we staying on this thread?

Thanks for the swimming info hotcross.
There was a man at our pool doing a Q&A session last week about the new system, and I forgot to ask him about the whole moving up thing...
Things at our pool can be quite chaotic so I think it is going to be interesting for the first few months... hmm

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 06-Mar-09 10:00:39

ok,which thread are we going to use ??

Hotcrossbunny Fri 06-Mar-09 10:51:18

Right I'm staying here!

Morning allsmile It's such a beautiful day I'm off to walk doggle in a mo. Have been in the school library this morning so fresh air will be lovely.

Also if I'm not in, I can't answer the phone to my motherblush I've managed to get stuck in the middle of a difficult patch in the relationship between my dsis and our mum...and it's getting harder not to take sides. Basically my mum doesn't get on with my BIL and struggles to hide it. Dsis is obviously loyal to her dh but it's all getting a bit strained. I got confused about when I'd spoken to dsis about Mothers Day plans etc and mum thinks we're talking behind her back, which I suppose we are! Aaagh, why can't life be simple????? So best to be out I think!

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 06-Mar-09 11:30:18

me too !
lovely day - am going out to walk to town shortly...
poor hotcross and family stuff - oh dear. Best to avoid phone call I think, though I suppose you'll have to face it eventually sad.
The Living with a Willy book has just arrived from Amazon for T - have left it in his room - do you think that's best ? not to draw attention to it and he can look at it when/if he seems a little 'advanced' to me, about sex and 'jock itch' (eeww) ...

hippipotamiHasLostFourPounds Fri 06-Mar-09 17:10:22

Oh no, families are awkward aren't they??

I think putting the book in T's room was the right thing to do.
Last term O's school tackled sex education for the Y5's.
I bought the book Let's Talk About Sex' from Amazon and just left it in his room. He dips in and out every now and then, reading up as and when he feels ready.
tbh he never got much further than the intro for a long long time...
Was a bit worried about getting him the book, but he had questions and there was a lot of mis-information flying around the playground.
O's teacher has a ds in one of the other Y5 classes and she bought her ds the exact same book grin

Just come back from O's swimming lesson. He did fab.
Dh will take E tomorrow smile

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 06-Mar-09 18:37:08

good for O !!
T has mentioned the book and brought it down stairs....

Hotcrossbunny Fri 06-Mar-09 19:35:28

Waaaaay out of my comfort zone now... thank goodness B is only 5grin Can put off that conversation for another few years hopefully. BTW, think you're both handling it incredibly well and your boys will thank you for itsmile

We had a lovely time at the park after school tonight. Thank goodness for lighter nights and sunshine!

Must get B in bed. We've just had a late tea of homemade fish and chips (yum) and a bit of Crufts on the computer.

MargaretMountford Fri 06-Mar-09 22:08:06

uh, not sure if I will handle it well...makes me a bit scared !
he's gone off to bed with the book. mmm homemade fish and chips sounds delicious.
Hippi,will try to remember to ask for spinach soup recipe from mum

hippipotamiHasLostFourPounds Sat 07-Mar-09 10:35:04

Morning smile

MAS, I think the book is by far the best way. One of my friends (who has a ds T's age) had 'the chat' with her ds and was not sure how much he needed to know, and I gather the poor boy was a bit traumatised by information overload afterwards shock
At least with the book, they can read up on whatever they feel they can cope with, and then leave it there.
I asked O about his book this morning. He said he had read about the changes in puberty because that was what they had done in school. He then said he read the bit about how babies are made - the biological side of it (he is quite interested in science so this does not surprise me). But when I flipped to a chapter about people having sex he went a bit red, shouted 'MUM!' and slammed the book shut. So, not ready for that bit, thank heavens smile

Oh MAS, there is a bookfair at school next week and your animal poetry book is in the leaflet for it!! Will seek it out and have a nosy grin

Dh has taken E to her swimming lesson, so I have the washing machine on and am enjoying some free time on here with a coffee smile

Have a good weekend all!!

MargaretMountford Sat 07-Mar-09 13:51:59

he is quite taken with he book and has asked quite a few questions which I hope I answered in a calm and not embarrassed way !!
I wonder if they'll actually have the Wild ! book in stock ? grin

Hotcrossbunny Sat 07-Mar-09 16:06:49

Definitely doing the right thing with the book. It's all at T's rate, not embarrassing discussions with waaay TMIgrin

Forgot to say they didn't have any copies of your book at our book fair so must have sold well. Hooray!

We've had a friend's dh and daughter here for most of the day. He is interested in buying a bit of our garden at the bottom and the neighbours' to build a house on... Not convinced it will happen but all quite exciting. We need to work out how much our house would decrease in value by doing it and how much money our share would be. The neighbour actually has more to sell, but if we could get enough to extend.... Mustn't get too excited!

Off to walk doggle now before sun completely disappears.

hippipotamiHasLostFourPounds Sat 07-Mar-09 20:24:14

Ooo, exciting about the house in the garden - but if he buys the land off you, will you still get a share of the value of the house?

Bookfair starts Monday, so will seek out Wild! straight away grin

How is doggle now hotcross?

Hotcrossbunny Sat 07-Mar-09 20:56:46

Not quite sure what you mean Hippi. Do you mean a share of the value of the new house?

At the moment we live in a victorian semi on a street corner. We have a chunk of gravelled land at the bottom of the garden which could be a parking place if we got the kerb lowered. Years ago the neighbours bought the very bottom of our garden and built a garage on it. Our friend is interested in buying all of our gravelled area and the neighbours bit with the garage and building a house for his family on it. It wont have a massive garden but he's hoping to fit in a 3 bedroom property.

He is a builder so knows architects etc to ask whether its possible. He will pay us for the land and then he can build what he likes. We wont get anymore money after that. Does that sound right? We need to talk to an estate agent/solicitor etc to check it all through. If it goes ahead B will have a friend at the bottom of the gardengrin and we will maybe be able to extend and have a new kitchen...

We'll see if it all fizzles out or not.

Doggle is fab, doing much much better and hardly limpingsmile

hippipotamiHasLostFourPounds Sat 07-Mar-09 21:00:57

Oh sorry, share as in what you get for your garden! I thought you meant share as in once the house is built and sold you would get a share of the profits. Will promise to read posts properly from now on blush

That is exciting though, especially having a friend at the bottom of the garden smile

Glad to hear doggle is better!

MargaretMountford Sat 07-Mar-09 21:43:36

glad doggle is doing well hotcross smile
Will the new house, if it goes ahead, encroach a bit on your house and garden - I'd be a little wary...but my views coloured by the kerfuffle with dad;s garden studio ! Fingers crossed for whatever outcome is best grin

hippipotamiHasLostSixPounds Mon 09-Mar-09 08:04:09

Good morning smile
Another week, and the sun is shining (ish)
Dh left for Leeds at 4.30am this morning, I had trouble getting back to sleep (the last time I checked the alarm clock for tehumpteenth time it was 6.24am hmm) and am sooo tired...

But look at my name grin!!!

MargaretMountford Mon 09-Mar-09 09:09:08

wow !!! hippi - you're a star grin
soup recipe here :

soften a chopped onion in a little olive oil in a saucepan
Add the contents of two 450g tins of rinsed butterbeans and 500ml of chicken stock. Simmer for 5 mins then add 225g washed young spinach. When it wilts season with salt & pepper & a squeeze of lemon juice. Mash or blend , leaving some texture. Serve with grated Parmesan.

yummy and good for you !

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