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Worcester/shire where is good to eat for Mother's day? help needed

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coldupnorth Wed 04-Mar-09 20:58:19

We meet up for Mother's day at a half way point with my family usually in Worcester or surrounding area. We've been to the Diglis House Hotel a few times which is ok, but fancied trying some where else in the area.
Mum is 80 and very conservative, so it needs to be a bit meat and 2 veg. I'd be gratful for any suggestions of some where really nice to take her smile

coldupnorth Thu 05-Mar-09 07:53:04


coldupnorth Thu 05-Mar-09 10:26:19

Any one?

coldupnorth Thu 05-Mar-09 20:13:55


sassy Thu 05-Mar-09 20:15:43


The Elms at Abberley is amazing food (and you may see a celeb). We are good mates with the Head Chef. But quite £££

NorbertDentressangle Thu 05-Mar-09 20:16:46

This place is lovely (venue of many a Worcestershire MN meet-up !

Have a look at the menu on their website as it might not be meat and 2 veg enough

NorbertDentressangle Thu 05-Mar-09 20:18:37

sassy -have you had that dinner yet? (where you had to cook for him and his family)

sassy Thu 05-Mar-09 20:30:31

Yes - but he was at work (phew)

NorbertDentressangle Thu 05-Mar-09 20:40:02

Was that a deliberate avoidance tactic I wonder wink

sassy Thu 05-Mar-09 20:44:56

<tongue-out emoticon>

Littlefish Thu 05-Mar-09 20:51:38

How about the Swan at Whittington or The Kings Arms at Ombersley.

The Kings Arms is a bit more traditional.

Littlefish Thu 05-Mar-09 20:52:44

The Queens Hotel in Belbroughton is a traditional pub, but serves good food. It's just off junction 4 of the M5.

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