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Sheffield/Peak Distrct thread to Easy from Hatsoff

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hatsoff Thu 14-Apr-05 23:27:53

Hi Easy,

feeling guilty about hi-jacking. The idea of flirting with Miss Lucas fills me with respect and awe for your father! I remember my father forgetting to pick me up once and he got such a telling off from her. He stood there like a naughty school boy. Your father must be a truly dedicated flirt. I'm no longer in Grindleford - my mum and my brother and his family are though. I do miss it but in my heart I know I'd probably go a bit nuts. I never go "home" (telling in itself) without feeling real pangs. DDs love it up there too. I haven't really lived there since leaving for university (tho spent my uni holidays there). We're in Kingston now. When I went ski-ing earlier this year I met someone from Grindleford, who I used to baby-sit for! I am still very much in touch with my friends from school - many of them were in London for a few years but they all seem to be running away back up north again.

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