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New Fireman Sam is crap

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bubble99 Thu 14-Apr-05 23:02:16

I mean, WTF! A huge disappointment when I saw it this morning. It used to be John Alderton doing all the voices. Pythonesque Dilys Price, Italianesque(?) Bella Lasagne and James and Sarah. It now has different voices for each character and has totally, IMO, lost it's charm.

sacha3taylor Thu 14-Apr-05 23:04:59

DS is 5 and keeps asking me what they have said - he doesn't understand them!

Likes the rescue helicopter though

marthamoo Thu 14-Apr-05 23:06:09

You meana da Bella Lasagne, she a no a longer talka like-a dat-a?

Bearess Thu 14-Apr-05 23:06:56

don't let ds hear you saying that bubble, he won't have a word said against it, although he calls it "pontypandy" instead of "FS" for some reason!

binkybetsy Thu 14-Apr-05 23:07:13

What's the crackers hip/hop theme tune meant to be about!!

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 14-Apr-05 23:08:21

I know what you mean bubble, I loved the old one, but ds1 and 2 are crackers about the new one! Ds1 keeps asking me to sing "I Need A Hero" (complete with gravelly voice a la Bonnie Tyler) !

Dingle Thu 14-Apr-05 23:10:44

Hi puff..she's you sister doing? Well I hope.....

Willow2 Thu 14-Apr-05 23:12:43

Short and to the point. I love thread titles like this.

bubble99 Thu 14-Apr-05 23:14:08

It's been so homogenised. Pontypandy was the kind of place where you'd get beaten up for wearing the wrong trousers and now it's a cosmopolitan hotspot. Too much too soon I say, they hadn't even got a cinema when I last looked, had to go to New Town and now it's like Sarf London. Absolutely shocking. I blame Blair.

marthamoo Thu 14-Apr-05 23:14:38

It has "I Need a Hero" as the theme tune?

No more putting on his coat and hat
Less than fifty seconds flat?

I can see I am going to have to watch it.

I don't like the new Postman Pat. But I didn't like the old one either.

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 14-Apr-05 23:15:48

Hi Dingle

Sis is so so - consultant now not convinced she has lupus, has had a lip biopsy to check for another form of connective tissue disorder....she's been waking up with her hands curled up like claws - unable to straighten them or her back and legs for about 2 hours . She feels v down as no one can get to the bottom of what's going on....

binkybetsy Thu 14-Apr-05 23:18:04

They messed with the Noddy theme toon too! It's not right, our kids will be ridiculed in the pub when slightly older mates reminisce(?) about theme tunes and our kids start singing some revamped crap.
There could be pints spilled and everything with the embarrassment!

bubble99 Thu 14-Apr-05 23:18:23

Haven't heard Norman Price yet but I bet he's got an Eton accent now.

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 14-Apr-05 23:19:19

marthamoo - "I Need A Hero" is cbeebies "lead in" song to the new series. The actual theme tune to Fireman Sam has been souped up too! I am shocked to the core, as I was when I saw the updated Andy Pandy - nothing like the "Watch With Mother" version of my childhood!

tortoiseshell Thu 14-Apr-05 23:19:33

Can't bear it. Ds is obssessed by Fireman Sam so he couldn't wait for it to come on. All the characterisation has been lost, and it is just rubbish. Hate it hate it hate it.

Dingle Thu 14-Apr-05 23:19:41

Sorry to interrupt the post, but I often think of her Puff (and you!) My mum is going through the wars ATM. I hope they get it sorted for you all.

I'll leave you to get back to Fireman Sam.

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 14-Apr-05 23:20:52

Thanks Dingle . Do hope things improve for your Mum too.

marthamoo Thu 14-Apr-05 23:21:06

And Andy Pandy has his own house now - no more threesomes in the toy box with Teddy and Louby Lou.

binkybetsy Thu 14-Apr-05 23:22:00

ooh er the old one sounds good. No wonder my mother remembers it fondly

bubble99 Thu 14-Apr-05 23:25:59

Well said, tortoiseshell. John Alderton always sounded as if he was slightly pissed during the recordings. Probably against health and safety laws now. I blame Blair.

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 14-Apr-05 23:27:05

lol marthamoo re the threesomes !

bubble99 Thu 14-Apr-05 23:39:05

Is John Alderton still alive? I wonder why they didn't use him for the new series. Is anyone remotely interested?

BigGayDad Thu 14-Apr-05 23:51:00

I understand there is a new character being introduced. As far as I'm aware he's called Daffyd and is the only gay in Pontypandy

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 14-Apr-05 23:51:36


bubble99 Fri 15-Apr-05 00:05:21

BGD.A (very repressed) Station Officer Steele has already claimed that particular crown, I suspect.

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