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Please help... Fancy dress suggestions needed.

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Elliegant Mon 02-Mar-09 16:03:59

Please help, I need fancy dress suggestions for my ds who is 4, needs to be a character from a book for World Book Day on Thursday. Just got letter from school (talk about short notice!) Need something I can put together as easy as possible as I am at work the next two days and DH working away so can't get to the shops. I am useless at this stuff!!

snackattack Mon 02-Mar-09 16:08:18

Eeek. We just had this today too! Ok, well, Harry Potter, wizard from Harry Potter, Oliver - (raggy clothes, shirt, shorts and hat) or Artful dodger - sew a few patches onto clothes? What dressing up stuff does he have? Could go for scarecrow from Wizard of Oz - quite easy I'd say.

steamedtreaclesponge Mon 02-Mar-09 16:11:24

Alice from Alice in Wonderland? Blue dress/skirt, white apron, alice band

snackattack Mon 02-Mar-09 16:15:27

Steam - he's a boy!

Elliegant Mon 02-Mar-09 16:20:22

Thanks snack attack, quite like scarecrow idea. He has a really cool dinosaur head and feet that roar but couldn't think of a suitable book to match with. Nice idea steam but I think DS would not be very impressed grin

IwishIwereonthebeach Mon 02-Mar-09 16:27:27

Barney the dinosaur?

IwishIwereonthebeach Mon 02-Mar-09 16:27:58

Or jurassic park? Ok, not a kids book, but a book none the less!

Elliegant Mon 02-Mar-09 16:31:45

Jurassic park, of course!. The school didn't say childrens book, and the outfit is really cool (a bit too life like to pass as Barney) Thanks

Tas1 Tue 03-Mar-09 08:59:18

Cat In The Hat, black trousers, black top, make a tail, a bow tie and a red and white top hat.

Harry potter, black cape, glasses and draw on a zigzag scar.

Astrophe Tue 03-Mar-09 09:13:12

Wally from where's wally books it quite easy - red white stripe top, glasses, carry a pile of books.

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