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My Local Waitrose's ATM Has Been Cloned And..........

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Fimbo Thu 14-Apr-05 20:22:33

Dh used it on Sunday. It was only reported in the local newspaper today. I phoned our bank who cancelled his card (joint account), have just tried to use mine but it wont work, because his has been cancelled, mine is cancelled too for the next 24hrs as its a glitch in their system. Have spent the last 1/2 hr raiding the children's piggybanks . I could quite gladly give the cloners a kick where it hurts

cod Thu 14-Apr-05 20:24:19

Message withdrawn

bambi06 Thu 14-Apr-05 20:34:22

what do you mean cloned? they have a duplicate machine next to the official one or what? sorry to sound so thick!!!

Fimbo Thu 14-Apr-05 20:43:41

description of cloning here

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