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A Beltane Festival . . . What Is It?

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expatinscotland Thu 14-Apr-05 16:48:41

DH just won two tickets to the Beltane Fire Society's festival that takes place here every year.

What is it? What can we expect? It sounds exciting!

flamesparrow Thu 14-Apr-05 16:50:15

Oooh, I wanna go!!! No idea what the festival is like, but beltane is kind of pagan festival of the start of summer. Lots of fertility going on, and the cleansing beltane fires

AnnieQ Thu 14-Apr-05 16:51:47

It's the pagan celebration of May Day. Lots of flowers, rituals and fire.

fastasleep Thu 14-Apr-05 16:52:24

It's like a really fun May day celebration....I remember dancing around a pole and nakedness...although I wouldn't expect it at your one lol

mummytosteven Thu 14-Apr-05 16:53:26

do tell more fast ....

tarantula Thu 14-Apr-05 16:53:52

wow sounds fantastic. Not sure what a beltane festival would include now but Im sure there will be a bonfire nad probably a Maypole too.

Beltane is Mayday the start of Summer and is a fire festival. It used to be taht girls and fellas chose partners to jsump te fire withand then go off to celebrate the fertility of the summer in the woods. Any babes born of this celebration were deemed sacred to the Goddess.

AnnieQ Thu 14-Apr-05 16:54:48

This might tell you a bit more.

fastasleep Thu 14-Apr-05 16:55:22

Ahhh MTS helloooo ...I was quite young! The dancing around the pole and the nakedness were entirely seperate! We had fun skinny dipping, not sure that was part of the celebration though..

tarantula Thu 14-Apr-05 16:58:12

I remember my sister going to that a few years ago and she said it was brilliant. She didnt however get involved in any woodland celebrations afterwards so I was very disappointed in her At least thats what she told me anyway.

SaintGeorge Thu 14-Apr-05 17:02:05

Oohh, one very witch here.

Have fun expat.

chipmonkey Thu 14-Apr-05 17:15:21

"Bealtaine" is Gaelic for May. Sounds like fun!

expatinscotland Thu 14-Apr-05 22:01:27

Wicked! What a fun way to kick off the summer. It might be still too cold to participate in a woodland celebration, and I'm already pregnant, so we might forgo that part . I can't wait to see e/one all dressed up in costume and painted up, getting into the spirit.

MamaMaiasaura Thu 14-Apr-05 23:06:58

Lots of people get handfasted at beltaine too.. ds was conceived around then if anyone is near to stes like avebury in wiltshire there is sure to be celebrations there too..

flamesparrow Fri 15-Apr-05 08:47:09

I wanted a beltaine handfasting , but the catholic boy still in DP said no

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 11:34:07

aww flamesparrow couldnt you have both?

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