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House buying - has anyone posted flyers in the area they want to move to?

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chonky Thu 14-Apr-05 16:42:19

I was just wondering whether anyone has posted flyers (like estate agents do) through the doors of houses that they'd be interested in buying, and if so was it successful? My brother's looking to buy, but the market seems quite slow at the moment, and I was wondering whether he might have more luck doing this?

romilly Thu 14-Apr-05 16:46:15

yes - posted note in houses and area liked look of

yes - successful

gave up with estate agents basically

zebraX Thu 14-Apr-05 17:56:37

We did and we had a few replies, but nothing right for us.

WideWebWitch Thu 14-Apr-05 20:41:36

My step sister did and it worked.

Mirage Thu 14-Apr-05 21:00:46

Yes,my friend did this.For years she had walked past a house that she loved the look of.One day she put a note through the door & as luck would have it,the owner was thinking of selling.My friend now has her dream house.

Fingers crossed,we are about to move to a house & area that we never thought we could afford in our wildest dreams,because I took a chance & phoned the person who owned it.Normally I would be far too shy,but it seemed too good an oppourtunity to miss & it seems to have paid off.The vendor is happy because she is saving about £5k in estate agents fees.

You have nothing to lose

chonky Thu 14-Apr-05 21:25:21

Thanks everyone, I'll let my brother know. Mirage, I really hope your house move goes OK, it sounds great.

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