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Any Dublin Mums out there?

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patters Thu 14-Apr-05 10:47:59

Have just relocated from London to south Dublin
Both DH and I English but decided to take opportunity of posting in Ireland as wanted a change from London life...have given up full time work for the momemt to look after DS of nearly two and also another baby due in Sept. Would be lovely to meet any mums (or dads!) for chats and coffees!

northstar Mon 18-Apr-05 10:58:17

Hi patters, and welcome to Ireland
Im not in Dublin but if you are ever heading down the coast to Wexford cat me x

pabla Mon 18-Apr-05 11:11:50

How are you finding it so far Patters? I'm not in Dublin - originally from Cork but living in the UK at the mo. We occasionally think about moving back, one thing I am concerned about is that there would be less things to do with the kids. Someone I know from Dublin moved back from the UK a few years ago but ended returning to the UK. She found most mums seemed to work and there were not as many playgrounds, etc. so I think she felt a bit isolated. Hope you will have a different experience. I notice from my SIL in Cork that there don't seem to be as many mother & toddler groups as here. I think it is easier to meet people in the smaller towns, as funnily enough there are often better facilities and community groups. It is one of my pet moans about Ireland actually that they allow developers to build vast housing estates in the cities, with nary a swing or slide to be seen. Maybe you should set up a mums and toddler group if you can't find any existing ones!

majorstress Mon 18-Apr-05 11:24:07

which bit of the southside are you in?

nerdgirl Mon 18-Apr-05 11:27:26

Hi Patters. I'm originally from South Dublin but couldn't afford a house there so moved out to Meath instead. Where are you living?

majorstress Mon 18-Apr-05 15:30:13

I was asking where you lived, not because I live there but we (me, dh and dds aged 2 and 4) very often visit the grandparents in Dean's Grange and know what's available quite well through friends and our own rambles. We often think of moving but can't afford to give up our good jobs in London to move somewhere that costs even more.

northstar Mon 18-Apr-05 22:05:48

Pabla, it's the usual story for ireland - insurance. People sue for breaking a nail, no-one seems to be willing to insure the play areas or be responsible for them. V sad really.
I live beside the beach, woods, fields and still only 5k from a town, there's loads for parents and toddlers to do here we are lucky. Sometimes I wonder how people WITHOUT children socialise (but then it's ireland, there's pubs!)

patters Tue 19-Apr-05 11:38:45

I'm in Blackrock...doesn't seem to be an awful lot to do with kids - strange really considering how many people seem to have here! Still we're getting there...thinking of setting up a mumsnet equivalent for Irish mums...any thoughts?!!

majorstress Tue 19-Apr-05 14:12:57

what about an "Irish" (and Scottish Welsh etc) subject heading within mumsnet? There is also netmums which is very useful for things to do, a dublin section for that?
Dean's Grange is very near Blackrock. There is a big playground we frequent at Cabinteely Park-it is quite new and often packed-bearing out the lack of facilities I guess! There is some kind of arts thing in the old stable block there and they have notices for dance and other classes for kids. Killiney Hill is a good place for a climb and kite flying, beautiful view of the bay and city. Airlfields Trust is a wonderful place with farm animals, gardens and art and other classes. The library on Clonkeen road (granny's street) and Kill Lane has a story time my daughter loved. Go out to Bray on the Dart (check for threatened works though!) and play on the beach and go to the aquarium there. I'm sure the big art gallery and museums in dublin town center have things like classes on for kids. If you go to any of these things regularly you will soon make some friends, the Irish are generally more friendly to strangers than the English (I am neither, have lived in both places and am related to both nationalities!!! so flame away I stand by that). My friend there with adopted 1 and 4 year old girls works part time and goes to lots of things (Silly Billies playgroup, gymboree if it is still there?), I can ask her for more if you like. She's always on for a coffee and chat, too! though kids are a bit of a handful-well what else is new.

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