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Letting agent rant, tell me I'm about to do the right thing?

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Flossam Thu 14-Apr-05 10:38:18

Arrrgggh! We found a flat through one agent for a price just in our price range. We liked it, I found out tesco could deliver up to the third floor , it has an absolutely lovely kitchen and bathroom. The only thing against it really was that the letting agent wanted 500 as a holding deposit and their fees were expensive. Anyway last night they didn't get back to me and I walked past near the property and spotted another letting agent, thought it was worthwhile asking if they had it up to let too. They did, for over 30 less a month, and less of a holding fee.

Basically for a while everything was looking rosey, we were going to have the flat. Then they phoned back and said that she now wanted 780 rather than their 730 a month. Too much for us, we could go to 750. Apparently she had people willing to pay that with another agent. Well that turns out to be us apparently, although the other agent said we could have it for 758, which we could just afford.

I would rather let with the second, cheaper agent for obvious reasons. The office is near by if we have problems and they have been very helpful, I like them. The manager is a copper too, and has said if DP brings in his warrent card we wouldn't have to pay the credit check as he knows that this is done extensively when DP joined the police (even examined my details before we were living together!! Can't have a fraudulant girlfriend obviously!). This agent has said that if we ring the first agent and tell them we no longer want it then she will have to take us on, at 750, however the first agent has done the whole 'someone else is interested' spiel. Bearing in mind we don't have to leave this flat yet, is this all just going to be too much trouble? Should I just let it lie?

The flat is perfect location wise for us, and everytime when I thought we had lost it last night and tried to think of the bad points of it anyway, I had a pang remembering it's good. So should I risk loosing it all together to hopefully get it at a more affordable price? Helllp!!

Flossam Thu 14-Apr-05 10:55:22

please someone? how am i supposed to make my own decisions?!!

expatinscotland Thu 14-Apr-05 10:59:29

Go with the cheaper one no matter what. You could always use the spare cash and if things go lean you won't have as much rent.

The landlord of a flat we wanted played games w/us last year - raising and lowering rent price and fees, whatnot. Finally we just went for s/thing s/where else cheaper. Now, we're SO glad we didn't take that other flat. The cheaper one turned out to be so much better for us!

Easy Thu 14-Apr-05 11:01:21

Oh this is difficult.

To play devil's advocate, remember the phrase "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"
In other words, if you already have the option on the flat with the first agent, you might be taking a risk to drop out then attempt to get it thru the second.

Anyway, how would you feel if the agents played about with you in this way?

LIZS Thu 14-Apr-05 11:02:34

I'm a bit confused. It is normally the landlord who pays the agent fees not the tenant which may be why the rent is varying so the landlord receieves the same net income. Ultimatley it is the landlord's decison not the agent's as to who the tenant is, but they cna influence it by producing vclear credit checks etc. Problem is even if you go with the lower price now and get it, they could increase the rent at the end of the 6 month agreement.

expatinscotland Thu 14-Apr-05 11:11:13

Too right, Liz! I hadn't thought of that. Youch, that could bite.

Flossam Thu 14-Apr-05 11:54:07

We want a years contract then will be considering a mortgage anyway. We have to pay a holding fee, pretty much all agents seem to charge this. I do feel like I am being played with too. The landlady accepted the price with the second agent, we said we wanted it, she said not for that price. She is the one messing us around a bit. We have to trump up 500 today with one agent, which does go towards our first months rent, but then 2-300 in other types of fees. With the second one we have to pay just 125, then they usual one months rent and deposit. I'm fed up with all the games too tbh. Thats why I think I should just tell the first that i'd rather use the second. The landlady is trying to get the most money she can, why shouldn't I try and save the most money I can?

expatinscotland Thu 14-Apr-05 11:57:51

Amen to that Flossam! Go w/the second agent and the hell w/this gal and her games. Seriously, if she can afford to possibly lose a good tenant, then she doesn't need the money that much.

Flossam Thu 14-Apr-05 13:47:45

As it stands now we will be letting with the first agent - they have slashed their fees to 94 pounds versus 125, agreed to a move in date of 7th may, and also I think the rent of 750, although I need to check that before I hand over the deposit in an hour or so. Feel quilty that I'm not going with the on I prefer, but saving money is more of a priority for the family. Fingers crossed for me please!

Mud Thu 14-Apr-05 19:03:14

Pull out of the deal with the first agent. Why would you pay more. Once you have and there is no client then the landlord will come back to second agent. Don't understand where the confusion lies?

Flossam Thu 14-Apr-05 20:08:17

Sorry Mud, think maybe you only read the first post! I'm hoping everything is sorted now, for 750, a good move in date for us, and no fees at all, just credit check costs!

Mud Thu 14-Apr-05 20:52:18

You're right, I did

good luck in your new home

Flossam Thu 14-Apr-05 22:35:23

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