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should i let DD see our old house??

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blossom2 Thu 14-Apr-05 08:07:27

We moved to Paris over 6 months ago now but planning a trip back in May.

We rented our old house in london to some friends, who has a son the same age as DD. The son and our DD were with the same childminder together. we plan to meet up with them in May.

My question is whether i should let DD see our old house. I'm really scared that she'll get upset and possessive. She's really adapted to the move very well and i don't want something this small to ruin everything.

What do you think?? DD has just turned 3 years.

littlerach Thu 14-Apr-05 08:42:35

We always wave at our old house when we pass it.

And the house which we lived in before that, sometimes we go out of our way to drive past it, as DD1 likes to pretend she remembsers living there - she was just a baby though!

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