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should i let DD see our old house??

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blossom2 Thu 14-Apr-05 08:07:07

We moved to Paris over 6 months ago now but planning a trip back in May.

We rented our old house in london to some friends, who has a son the same age as DD. The son and our DD were with the same childminder together. we plan to meet up with them in May.

My question is whether i should let DD see our old house. I'm really scared that she'll get upset and possessive. She's really adapted to the move very well and i don't want something this small to ruin everything.

What do you think?? DD has just turned 3 years.

blossom2 Thu 14-Apr-05 08:08:09

Whoops sorry - i didn't mean to create 3 threads.

MaryP0p1 Thu 14-Apr-05 08:08:25

Will she really remember the house in the same way as when she lived there?

blossom2 Thu 14-Apr-05 08:11:09

i think so. she certainly remembers old toys & books she used to play with and she hasn't touched for at least 1 year.

emmatmg Thu 14-Apr-05 08:18:06

I don't think it's a good idea, I know my DS's would be easily upset in that situation.

triceratops Thu 14-Apr-05 08:19:19

we sold our old house to my sister last year and moved across town. Ds goes back all the time to play with his cousin who now has his old bedroom. It doesn't seem to bother him at all although he remembers living there. He likes his new bedroom much better as the old one was for "babies"

MaryP0p1 Thu 14-Apr-05 08:21:08

Mine used to go back when we rented the house. Because it was redecorating and the furntiure was different it didn't seem to bother them at all. However, we only moved town not country.

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