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After some sympathy, had a horrible day (by my standards anyway)

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singyswife Tue 24-Feb-09 17:28:28

I know there are many worse off than me but...... went to work this morning not feeling great (had a coil fitted 2 weeks ago, still in pain and dont feel great). Gets a highly emotional phone call from my mum saying that my dad is getting an emergency call out from the gp for his hip (thought it was sciatica now could be something much worse), he had cancer 18 months ago and the area where he had it is really suffering because of the hip problem he is having, gp told him the hip problem could be related to cancer treatment and this may be him. Mum has completely lost it (she is grieving for her mum and this has finished her off). Dad is dealing with this in his usual way and is ignoring it.

Had a friend round for dd1 to play with and it ended in ww3 when dd's friend wanted to include dd2, then dd1 lost the plot and said she had fallen out with her best friend because she was playing with someone else. Made dd1 phone her friend and sort it out and all is well.

DH phoned to say he wont be home till 7pm and then starts at 630am tomorrow.


dontgive2shoites4daftpricks Tue 24-Feb-09 17:29:41

oh you poor thing sad

I hope your dad is okay x

singyswife Tue 24-Feb-09 17:33:58

Thank you. I expected someone to c ome and tell me to get a grip there are people out there with real problems.

Nabster Tue 24-Feb-09 17:35:28

Doesn't stop your problems being problems though and you have problems too.

I hope your dad is okay and your mum too.

Takeaway for dinner and an early night?

sagacious Tue 24-Feb-09 17:36:22

Get a grip
There are people out there with real problems you know !


...Hope your dad's ok as well it must be worrying

Glass of wine/ cuppa/deep breath/pat on shoulder (delete as appropriate)

singyswife Tue 24-Feb-09 17:44:27

Cant get a take away as since I got the coil in I have been watching what I eat as I easily put on weight at the best of times, the coil puts it on for you but tbh there is nothing in the house I fancy.

saggyhairyarse Tue 24-Feb-09 20:15:06

Could you have an infection from having the coil fitted? Go back to the GP if it is causing you problems.

Sorry about everything else, life is shit sometimes (((hugwhilenooneslooking)))

singyswife Wed 25-Feb-09 19:31:52

Aww thank you for that.

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