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What is tagged? I have been sent a message and added as a friend.

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islandofsodor Mon 23-Feb-09 18:17:50

I normally ignore facebook etc requests as I don;t have a facebook account but I have an email on our business email that X has sent us a message on "tagged", please respond.

It is the parent of one of our students. Is this simply a social networking type site or might she have sent a messgae via this service.

Furball Tue 24-Feb-09 03:43:56

tagged is where you've been named in a photo.

if you go to and join, you can do so just to have a nose around and see whats going on and have a look at the photo.

you may have to 'become friends' with the person to view their profile, but it's no big deal. it's quite fun!

sandcastles Tue 24-Feb-09 07:07:09

Tagged is another social networking site, in the same vein as Facebook, but FB is better. I am sure that Tagged is more business orientated.

So if the email was from Tagged, it is a simple invite to join.

Being 'tagged' in a picture [on fb] means that someone has put a pic of you on FB & has indicated who is you in that pic. I am sure that FB won't inform you of this if you are not on there tho.

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